Christmas Elf Toy Only & Fourth Edition (2020) Advent Letter Set Bundle

Christmas Elf Toy Only & Fourth Edition (2020) Advent Letter Set Bundle

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Our award-winning magical Elf for Christmas Toy is now available together with our charming Advent Letter Set, so you can make it a December to remember for less!

Our new 2020 edition Christmas Advent Letter Set is a unique alternative children’s advent calendar. It’s perfect whether you have already read our first, second and third editions or if you're an Advent Letters newbie!

The Advent Letter Set includes a new elf letter for every day of advent from your little Elf friend – wonderful for a special countdown for Christmas. Arriving in delightful little numbered envelopes, these enchanting notes will let children in on the secret fun, magic and mayhem that goes on at the North Pole throughout December.

The 24 numbered envelopes in your Christmas Advent Letter Set have been designed to be read in the correct order, building a daily story of the North Pole and Elf antics.

Each day, your Christmas Elf pen pal sends a new advent letter, revealing their exciting adventures straight from the North Pole. Children can discover the mischief, mishaps and funny stories happening as the Elves prepare for Christmas.

The unique Christmas Elf Toy & Advent Letter Set is perfect if you want an Elf toy for each of your children, or if disaster strikes and you lose your original Elf! You can also find our Girl Elf and Boy Elf available as a toy only, without the Reward Kit.

Elf is still full of fun and magic, but doesn't have the Christmas Elf Kit to go with it.

With a friendly face, a festive outfit, long legs and mischievously long arms, our Limited Edition Christmas Elf toys are perfectly designed for fun and games! Our Elf toy finds it easy to get up to mischief, as the arms are long enough to reach around things and the hands velcro together!

Available as either light-skinned or dark-skinned, our boy Elf has a cheeky little face & dinky dungarees, and our girl Elf has a festive dress and adorable bunches - we know our Elves will be loved!

Bring something different to your Christmas this year with the Christmas Elf Toy & Advent Letter Set. It’s a truly unique way to add a little magic to your home as you and your little Elves enjoy the countdown to the big day!

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