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Fifth Edition Elf Letters (2021) - Unique Elf Advent Calendar Idea

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The Fifth Edition of our magical Elf Letters, a brand new Elf advent calendar letter set for 2021.

A brand new elf letter for every day of advent from your little Elf pen friend, Pip McJingles. Our magical Advent Letters are the perfect countdown to Christmas!

Arriving in charming little numbered envelopes, these enchanting notes will let children in on the secret fun, magic and adventure that goes on at the North Pole throughout December, as told by their very own North Pole pen pal, Pip McJingles.

The 24 numbered envelopes have been designed to be read in the correct order, to build a daily story of the North Pole. 

This year's edition includes all new stories such giant chocolate coins, new tinsel machine inventions, a mysterious egg discovered in the reindeer stables and the legend of the missing Silver Snowflake!

Whether you've followed Pip's stories since the First Edition in 2017, or you're an Advent Letter newbie, you'll love this magical glimpse into daily life at the North Pole.

Ready to be smuggled amongst the post, hidden in a toy box or tucked on top of the cereal box, these elf advent calendar letters are the perfect advent activity.

While your own Elf toy is staying with you in December, his little friend Pip McJingles is back at the North Pole, beavering away with the other elves to make sure Santa's ready for the Big Night. Even if you don't have an Elf in your home, you can still have an Elf pen pal!

Each day, your Christmas Elf pen pal sends a new advent letter, revealing their exciting adventures straight from Santa's workshop. Children can discover the mischief, mishaps and funny stories happening in at the North Pole as the Elves prepare for Christmas.

Children and adults alike will love uncovering the secrets and surprises of the North Pole, all with a little help from your favourite Elf for Christmas. 

A truly magical Christmas activity for the whole family. Includes 24 different elf letters in numbered envelopes, in a presentation box. 

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