Letter from Santa - Ready to Personalise for Your Child
Letter from Santa - Ready to Personalise for Your Child

Letter from Santa - Ready to Personalise for Your Child

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Let your little one know for sure that Father Christmas has delivered their presents in person with this magical letter from Santa. This wonderful Christmas letter is actual proof that the Big Man himself has paid you a visit, leaving a special note on his official North Pole stationery. 

What’s more, our Santa Claus letter has space for you to write your own message. Will Father Christmas compliment your child’s fetching festive Elf pyjamasOr perhaps he’ll thank them for the milk and mince pies left out on Christmas Eve! Personalised letters from Santa are the perfect way to let your child know the Big Man has been and left a few gifts behind too! 

Stamped with official confirmation of your child’s place on the Nice List, our A5-size Christmas letter from Santa is written on distinctive North Pole stationery. The Santa Claus letter also comes complete with a quality brown envelope with festive red and white string. You’ll even find a blank gift tag to write your own message from Father Christmas. Write your little one’s name and a message of your choice for a magically personalised Santa letter. 

Imagine your little one’s excitement on the morning of December 25th when they see Santa Claus himself has taken the time to write a Christmas letter to them! Will he leave it for them to find beside their bed? Perhaps this letter from Santa will be tucked into their stocking or propped up right on top of their pile of gifts? 

Our Santa Claus letter is the perfect complement to our popular Elf for Christmas Advent Letters, featuring matching imagery and stamped as official Santa Mail.

Make Christmas morning more magical and memorable than ever before with your own personalised letter from Santa!

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