Pip McJingles is back! More North Pole magic and mayhem with 3 new sets of Advent Letters

Pip McJingles is back! More North Pole magic and mayhem with 3 new sets of Advent Letters

We were blown away by the response to our first edition Advent Letters when they launched last year.

The daily North Pole updates very quickly became the most popular Elf for Christmas product and since Christmas we’ve been inundated with requests for a second instalment from Pip McJingles!

Well, as everyone knows, elves are excellent listeners, thanks to their very large ears. So, of course, we’ve listened to your feedback and are pleased to say that Pip has been working very hard on a second edition of letters.

Not only that, but we are also introducing an alternative pre-school version, which are perfect for younger children, AND an option to personalise your Elf's letters with our new Personalised Advent Letters!

Which Advent Letters would be best for my child?

If you are new to the Advent Letters phenomenon, and this will be the first time your little one gets to enjoy hearing about the magical goings-on around Santa’s workshop in the run-up to Christmas, we would recommend you try the original First Edition Advent Letters.

The original set of 24 letters introduces the lovable Pip McJingles, his fellow elf friends and some of the other magical creatures that live with Santa at the magical North Pole. You’ll hear all about what the elves have been making in the toy workshop, the naughty antics of some delinquent penguins, the excitement of finding a baby reindeer and, of course, the all-important final check on the Nice List.

The Second Edition Advent Letters build on some of the stories of the first edition, and feature many of the same characters. However, they have been written in a way to ensure that all children can enjoy them, whether they’ve read the first edition or not (or if they have forgotten some of the details from the first edition!).

The Pre-School Advent Letters follow the same stories as the regular 2018 Edition Advent Letters, but are written especially for children aged around three to five years old.

They are shorter, use slightly simpler language and feature bigger text and illustrations – perfect for all pre-school Elf fans!

So younger children could enjoy the Pre-School Edition Advent Letters even if they didn’t receive the first edition.

Our new Personalised Advent Letters also follow the same story lines as the 2018 Edition Advent Letters, but with this set you have the option to have letters sent by a named Elf of your choice, written directly to your child or children.

The 24 personalised Elf notes will mention your little one's hometown and the other people they live with, so the whole family can be involved, and each letter comes in a high-quality Kraft brown envelope dated and personalised with your Elf and your child or children’s names.

So what’s new at the North Pole?

Pip has so much to report in his 2018 Advent Letters. There’s the elves’ Christmas concert, decorating disasters, confused visitors, lost reindeer, so many toys to make and presents to wrap – and will those naughty South Pole Penguins ever learn to behave themselves?!

Make sure you catch up on all the fun, magic and mayhem this year!

2018 Edition Advent LettersPre-School Advent Letters and Personalised Advent Letters are available to pre-order now, or you can buy our original First Edition Advent Letters here.

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