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Elf Ideas for Christmas

Need some mischievous Elf inspiration? Thinking of impish Elf games and antics for every night leading up to the Big Day can be difficult, so we’ve created a collection of fun Christmas Elf ideas to get you started and add some magic to this this Christmas Elf tradition

If you’re after some festive excitement and giggles galore, see our fun Elf ideas for Christmas. From amusing face painting to sneaky texts from Santa, these merry Elf ideas are sure to make lots of laughs this December.

Or if you’re feeling extra mischievous, try our naughty Elf ideas for Christmas! We’ve got 24 ideas, one for each day of the Christmas countdown, to make lots of tricks and tomfoolery in your home! Being his usual impish self, Elf gets up to lots of unique shenanigans, making all sorts of chaos. Our Elf ideas for Christmas are very fun, but might give Mummy some messes to clear up! 

Elf Games

As well as our Elf ideas for Christmas, we have a wonderful assortment of Elf games to keep little ones entertained during the holidays. When the snow’s at your door and it’s far too chilly to play outside, enjoy all our exciting Elf games that the whole family will love.

First on our list of Elf games – don’t forget your Elf needs a name too! Once your magical new friend arrives, have some fun dreaming up a silly name. Ernie McJingle, or perhaps Stanley Tinselbottom? Why not try our Elf Name Generator for more Elf ideas? Or, if you have a little girl Elf, go for our Girl Elf Name Generator and find out if you have a Jemima Sparkledust or a Tinker Treaclepot!

We also have many other fun Elf games to enjoy this Christmas. Start the party celebrations with our Pin the Hat on the Elf Game,or find out if you’re a snowball-throwing pro with the Elf Snowball Toss! You can find lots more festive fun and Elf games here.

Christmas Activities

Keep little hands busy in the winter break with our Christmas activities! With colouring sheets, Christmas cards and Christmas rewards, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of fun things to do this December. Just print them out from your computer and you’re good to go – they’re completely free!

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Register for Personal Elf Emails

Part of the magic of Christmas is sending letters to Santa Claus. But imagine if he emailed you back? Now you can keep Santa updated with your children's details and they will receive a personalised email relating to them and encouraging them to be on the Nice List. 

Register here for your Personal Elf Emails, available at the end of September. All you need to share is a few details - your child’s first name, their best friend or pet’s name, favourite toy and who is in charge of your Elf toy. Santa will write to your children throughout December! How much fun is that!? (We won't share your data with anyone. It's top secret and you can trust us.)

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