Naughty Elf Ideas for Mischief Makers

Looking for some elf ideas to carry out at home? Try the printable elf props we have here! There are 24 props available, all in bundles of 6.

Do you have a mischievous little Elf? Some of our Christmas Elf toys can be quite the scamps at times! Whatever you do, don’t go showing these photos to your own troublesome Elf. You don’t want them getting their own naughty Elf ideas for making mischief on their own!

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When it’s the Christmas holidays but it’s a bit too chilly to play outside, it’s the perfect time to make some mayhem! Great for keeping little ones entertained throughout the whole of December, our Elf ideas for mischief are sure to get the giggles going. We have lots of naughty Elf ideas to let your new festive friend create chaos in every room in the house – but where do we start?

Our Elf ideas for mischief begin in kitchen, where there’s lots of foodie supplies and snacks that Elf is sure to make a mess of! Maybe he’s sneaked a slice of chocolate cake – which was supposed to be for after dinner – and left a few crumbs for mummy to tidy up. Or perhaps he’s raided the cupboards and tipped over the sugar, making a few snow angels in the process! Yet again, another mess for mummy to sort! What a naughty Elf indeed.

Maybe your Elf has been getting into all kinds of trouble upstairs too? That little rascal has been busy in mummy’s wardrobe and is parading around in clothes that are far too big. He might have even stolen her high heels too! And don’t forget to never leave Elf near the bathroom. This cheeky monkey has been extra-naughty with the toothpaste, squeezing out a message on the sink!

Your Elf really can be a pest, but if you’re after lots of laughs in the countdown to Christmas, our naughty Elf ideas are what you need! Check out our pictures below to see even more mischief your impish Elf might get up to. Or if you have your own naughty Elf ideas, we'd love to see them. Share your own Elf mischief on FacebookTwitterInstagram or our Pinterest Board