Christmas Elf Toys

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27 products

Christmas Elf Toy Collection 

Directly from the North Pole, our award-winning Christmas Elf Toy is here to have some festive fun with your family! You can make a new Christmas tradition with our entire Christmas Elf Toy range, available for delivery in time for December. 

Our award-winning Christmas Elf Toy range lets you choose either a lovely Girl or a charming Boy. Perhaps if you have more than one child, you might end up with both. We also have a popular dark skin tone version. Each Christmas Elf Toy comes with a Magical Reward Kit that will bring fun and magic to homes and classrooms everywhere. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Our Elf has lots more games and accessories available to make your December magical. Whether your festive little pal arrives with his Baby Elf In Bed Set or helps your little ones count down to Christmas with the Elf Advent Letters Set, we have a wonderful assortment to choose from. Our mischievous new friend can be bundled alongside most of our festive gifts and games to keep your children entertained throughout the school holidays. 

You can even find our friendly Christmas Elf in his own story book and we have completed the December range with some special North Pole Hoodies! The Family Matching Christmas Hoodies are perfect for a stylish December.

View our entire Elf range and find everyone’s favourite mischief-maker together with our most enchanting Christmas gifts and games. 

Discover the magic behind the Christmas Elf 

Featuring a friendly face, a festive outfit, plus mischievously long arms and legs, our Christmas Elf is perfectly designed for fun and games! Our Elves find it easy to get up to mischief, as their arms can reach around things and the hands velcro together! But with a cute face and dinky dungarees, we know the Elf Toy will be loved. 

Where the magic really happens is in the Magical Reward Kit - a unique package to promote good behaviour. Designed for families with up to two siblings, all the items in our kit can be shared. We have also included two Letters to Santa plus two Nice List Certificates, which can be personalised to each child. Our Magical Reward Kit is full of fun to help you bring the magic of an Elf to life! You can discover more about the Elf Toy tradition here