Elf Name Generator

Discover your Christmas Elf name!

It’s the beginning of the December and your new festive friend has just arrived. But before your Christmas Elf starts making mischief and getting up to tricks and tomfoolery in your home, he or she needs a name!

Use our exciting Elf Name Generator to find out what your Elf could be called. All we need is a few small details to get the magic started. Then, with a whir and a whiz, plus the help of some computer techy stuff, our Elf Name Generator will make your Christmas Elf come to life!

The Elf Name Generator needs your name, email address, gender, month of birth and your favourite colour (don’t worry, we never share any of your details and you can trust us). This crafty little miracle mixes all the important information together and – whoosh! There we have it – the Elf Name Generator has given your Elf a name.

So, what will it be? Perhaps your Elf will be named Chestnut Glitterpudding or Cookie Sprinklebottom! You’ll find an enchanting range of unique Elf names available to give your merry pal lots of personality.

If you’re hoping for a name that’s as sweet as your new Elf, you could also try our Girl Elf Name Generator. You might be a Trixie Brightbuttons or perhaps a Molly Jollybum!

Here at Elf for Christmas, we’re full of good ideas. If you want even more Christmas games and activities, try here. Or, make sure to try our best Elf ideas for lots of mischief and mayhem in your home this Christmas! 

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