Buying an Elf for Christmas in a toy shop

Elf for Christmas - Why can you buy an Elf in a toy shop?

You might well see our little Elf in a toy shop this Christmas. But we realise that can cause some distress if children see their beloved little Elf friend lined up with the other toys.

So why can you buy an Elf in a toy shop? And how come there are the magical Elves in boxes with all of the other toys if they really come from the North Pole?

Don't worry! We quickly spoke to Santa Claus about this and Santa has written us a letter (download here) to explain why you can buy an Elf. You see, Santa always sends a few Elves to the toy shops to make sure that all families have the chance to welcome an Elf to stay at Christmas.

Letter From Santa

You can download the letter from Santa Claus here.