Christmas Certificate Template

Free Printable Christmas Rewards

What is your little one particularly good at? Perhaps it’s reading, art or sport? Or maybe they are great at being a big sister or brother? Whatever they are doing this Christmas to behave especially well, reward them with one of our free Christmas certificate templates. These free printable Christmas certificates are perfect to reward your little one’s good behaviour. They also help to encourage ongoing good behaviour during a time of year that is customary to see your kids get more than a little excited!

Our Christmas certificate templates come signed from Santa himself, sent directly from the North Pole. These festive Christmas rewards nominate your child or children as an ‘Official Nice List Candidate’ to help promote continuing good behaviour.

We have Christmas certificates for many different acts of kindness, so little ones are encouraged to keep out of mischief for the whole of December. If your mini Elf has lots of after-school hobbies, why not reward them with our Top Dancer or Top Footballer Christmas rewards? Perhaps they have been excelling in science lessons or have improved their spelling? If so, a Top of the Class Christmas certificate is in order! We even have Christmas certificate templates to use at home too, like the Good Eating Award and the Shoelace Tying Award. Little ones will be over the moon to receive special Christmas rewards from Santa and are sure to keep the good behaviour going!

Just click below for your own printable Christmas certificate template – they are completely free!