Christmas Elf Toy | Elf for Christmas | Elf Behaviour Kit

Lovingly created by mum of two, Sarah, An Elf for Christmas began as a totally unique Christmas Elf Toy and Elf Behaviour Kit, designed perfectly to bring a magical Christmas Tradition to life for families and young children.

Our Christmas Elf Toy is made from quality material and with a cute little face, rosy cheeks and dinky dungarees, we know Elf will be loved.

Now available in various sizes, as a boy or girl and in different skin tones, our Elves are described as the cutest Christmas Elf and bring joy to children all over the world - from the UK and Europe to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Where the magic really happens is in our Elf Christmas Behaviour & Reward Kit - a unique package of Elf Behaviour cards, Santa Letters Elf Letters, Elf Reward Chart, Nice List Certificates and more, designed to promote good behaviour and bring the magic of Christmas to life. The Elf for Christmas products are all carefully designed to encourage:

  • a love for reading (in a fun and magical way)
  • quality time together as a family
  • family traditions and memories
  • imagination and creative thinking
  • play based learning
  • kindness and positivity

Our graphic designers are self confessed big kids with a Christmas addiction - and it shows!