Carbon Capture Scheme



At Elf for Christmas we are Carbon Aware and the Elves would like to do their best to leave the world a little better than the way they found it. The Carbon Capture Scheme is helping us to understand, calculate and then capture the carbon emissions of some of our bestselling products.

We have carefully chosen a local print supplier, who are a Certified Carbon Capture® Company, meaning our personalised Advent Letters & Personalised Story Books are carbon balanced.

How does the Carbon Capture® Scheme work?

When you order Personalised Advent Letters or Personalised Story Books from Elf for Christmas, we make sure to capture the carbon emitted by the production, manufacture, and distribution of your printed product.

The CO2 emissions generated during the production, manufacture and distribution process are calculated, and the figures are passed onto the Woodland Trust along with the Carbon Capture ® surcharge, which pays for the plantation of new, native UK woodland by the Woodland Trust.

Why do we do this?

CO2 emissions are generated during all manufacturing processes. CO2 emissions then become trapped beneath the ozone layer, heating up the Earth’s atmosphere and leading to climate change.

One of the most effective ways to combat this is by planting trees. Trees not only absorb CO2, but they also release oxygen into the atmosphere, which improves overall air quality and cools down the atmosphere.

The UK only features 13% tree cover, compared to a 44% average in Europe. Increasing tree cover as part of the Carbon Capture® scheme, supported by the Woodland Trust, helps to:

  • Increase the percentage of oxygen released into the atmosphere, fighting the effects of pollution and improving the quality of air. This is becoming ever more important in larger cities like London, where air quality is markedly lower than across the rest of the UK.
  • Provide much-needed shelter for animals and people. In hot, bustling cities, shade offered by trees can cool the air by up to 7°C on hot days. It can also reduce harmful UV radiation by the equivalent of a factor 10 suncream.
  • Improve our quality of life by reducing stress and improving our mental wellbeing. Spending time in nature (whether planting trees, or simply enjoying those that are already there) has been linked to reductions in heart disease, diabetes and dementia.  
  • Offer open, green, recreational space for public use.
  • Provide natural flooding defences, if planted in the right water catchments.
  • Decrease the number of endangered native UK species; which rely on native trees such as oaks, birches, yews, and willows for food and shelter

More good news...

As well as our commitment to Carbon Balancing, you can rest assured that the paper we use is either FSC or PEFC accredited and sourced from managed, sustainable woodland.

The Elves are committed to working hard to minimise our carbon emissions and are working towards offsetting our carbon footprint further in the future.