Elf Ideas Gallery

If you need some quick and easy elf ideas of your own, check out our 24 printable elf props, ready to print in bundles and use at home. Downloads printable elf props here.

Looking for some elf-spiration for your little mischief-maker? Check out our gallery of more than 70 easy Elf ideas for antics and mischief! We have lots of Elf photos to show you just how troublesome our festive friends can be.

These Christmas Elf toys get up to all sorts!

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Elf photos – mischief caught on camera!

Thinking of new Elf ideas every day can be a challenge, but there’s no need to worry! We have over 70 easy Elf ideas that are simple to recreate. And to give you a better idea of how to make lots of mischief and mayhem this December, we’ve got the Elves caught on camera!

That’s right – our Elf photos show our Elves causing chaos in every room of the home. But just so mummy doesn’t have to always clean up a huge mess, we’ve got a few helpful Elf ideas for you to choose from. Though, we can’t promise that our naughty Elf will always be on his best behaviour!

Easy Elf ideas

Our simple Elf ideas in pictures can help you make mischief all over the house.

First, Elves are known for sneaky snacking, so you’re probably going to see a lot of our Elf photos in the kitchen. Whether he’s helping himself to cereal and toast or rearranging the cutlery to reveal a special message, Elf has plenty of opportunity to wreak havoc before breakfast!

But what other easy Elf ideas do we have? Taking our little merrymaker into the living room, we have lots of Elf photos capturing the chaos. From wrapping up the entire Christmas tree to rummaging right through the craft box, Elf really can be quite naughty. Look – he’s even tried to escape! We’ve got Elf photos of him stuck in the letter box!

We have Elf caught on camera upstairs, too. Getting tangled in the toilet roll, squeezing messages out of toothpaste  we have lots of Elf photos of tomfoolery in the bathroom! Plus, Elf could find himself having a tea party with his toy pals, swinging from the lampshades or even hiding under the bed.

The possibilities are endless with our easy Elf ideas gallery. Check out all our Elf photos and make it a magical December for the whole family. But if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got even more funny and naughty Elf ideas too. You can also see footage of our mischievous little pal in our Elf videos.