Funny Elf Ideas

Our Elves are funny little guys and girls! Just check out some of the funny Elf ideas that these mini-comedians have come up with! From getting tangled in the toilet paper to trying to steal the cereal, we have a wonderful collection of silly and easy Elf ideas to make you chuckle!

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When your new festive friend arrives at your door, you’ll probably be full of exciting plans. You might have even thought how your little Elf will arrive. Will he or she be lying in a puddle of flour-sprinkled snow, complete with dusty footsteps coming from outside? Or perhaps your Elf might have jumped down the chimney and has made a sooty mess! Who knows what kind of naughtiness your Elf is going to get up to now he or she has arrived?

But making mischief every single day in December can get quite tiring, which is why we’ve put together some simple but fantastically funny Elf ideas to help you create chaos! Your hilarious new friend is going to be very busy making mayhem – so let’s see what Elf can do!

We’ll start downstairs. The kitchen and living room areas are made for Elf mischief, so what kind of funny Elf ideas can we try here? Perhaps Elf will get locked in the washing machine one morning – he might think he needs a wash! Or what if your comical little Elf wants a midnight snack, but gets trapped inside the biscuit tin? And don’t forget – Elf loves to play with your festive decorations, so if the Christmas tree is up, she might get trapped in the tinsel!

We have lots of funny Elf ideas for upstairs too – the bathroom and the bedrooms are great places to start. Maybe your mischievous Elf goes crazy and covers the toilet with wrapping paper! Or perhaps he finds an old family photo and gives everyone a marker pen moustache? You could even find your funny Elf dangling from the lightshade – they do get caught up in the strangest of places!

Check out our pictures below to discover even more funny and easy Elf ideas – you’ll be giggling throughout the whole of December! Plus, why not show us your own funny Elf ideas? We’d love to see them on our FacebookTwitterInstagram or Pinterest Board!