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4 products

Elf Story Adventures & Christmas Books

Here at Elf for Christmas, we are proud to present our wonderful Christmas story books. Our Elf story collection now features two original tales of festive magic, including Elf’s First Adventure, plus our personalised book The Christmas Muddle. Perfect to read with your children this Christmas Eve, our Christmas story books are sure to be loved by little ones everywhere.

Elf’s First Adventure Story

Join everyone’s favourite Christmas Elf for his first magical adventure in this heart-warming Christmas story by Sarah Greenwell.

Inspired by and starring our popular Elf for Christmas toy, we follow our hero on his quest to find a family who’ll give him a loving home in the run up to Christmas.

After helping Santa prepare for Christmas, Elf decides to have a little adventure of his own, leaving the North Pole to fly through the night sky until he finds a little girl and a little boy who just can’t wait to welcome him into their home.

Promoting kindness, fun and good behaviour, this uplifting and amusing Christmas story is told in charming rhyme, accompanied by beautifully detailed original illustrations, making it a pleasure to read aloud and share with younger children.

Perfect for Elf fans everywhere, Elf’s First Adventure is set to become a Christmas Eve classic. A 28-page paperback, written by Sarah Greenwell and illustrated by Gillian Gamble. December will never be the same again!

Your Elf & The Christmas Muddle Book

See your child’s name in their very own Christmas story book! This exciting tale can be personalised with your child’s name and hometown, so little ones can play a starring role in their own Elf story!

Santa’s found himself in a real muddle with his Nice List. It’s up to your child’s Elf to save the day and make everything right again! A truly captivating tale little ones will love – and with their town spelled out in snow, plus their name written in stars, it’s a personalised Christmas story the whole family will love.

A charming festive story written by Sarah Greenwell, with art by Nia Ffion Tudor, featuring lots of special personalised details throughout, just for your child. A wonderful way to get settled the night before the Big Day!