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Elf letters 2023: 24 ways to bring your Elf for Christmas letters to life!
Our magic planner is full of easy ideas to make your elf letters even more fun. We have put together a list of 24 letter prop ideas to use with your elf.  Each prop links directly to the stories in this year's elf letters, adding an extra sprinkle of fun because your elf will be part of the North Pole fun!
24 Day Elf Kit

Full of Christmas magic, this 24 day elf kit will make sure you are never stuck for naughty elf ideas! Ho-ho-help is at hand for every day of December - you're welcome!

Important Christmas chocolate news: the Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar is here!
The Twinkle Sprinkle Christmas chocolate bar is yummy milk chocolate that can be given as a special Christmas treat. Directly from Jolly BonBon's Grotto at the North Pole.
How to tell the truth about Santa Claus (and how we can help!)
Has the time come that every parent dreads?  Three little words.

“Is Santa real?”

Don't panic - we’ve come up with a magical way of sharing the truth about Santa whilst keeping the Christmas Spirit alive. 

Christmas Eve Box ideas – ten ways to bring the magic
Are you wondering where to start with your Christmas Eve Box? From the box itself to what to put in it - read on our all of our favourite Christmas Eve box ideas...
Why letters from an elf should be your new Christmas tradition
Receiving letters from an elf is a wonderful family tradition to add to your Christmas celebrations! For many families, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without receiving letters from an elf called Pip McJingles. 
Printable Elf Props - easy fun elf ideas

Easy elf ideas with our free printables! Choose from snowball targets, drum kit and music, photo frame props and Elf Would You Rather!

Elf fun for the whole family...

Printable Elf Planner - blank for your notes

Let's make it your most organised Elf antics December yet with our free printable Elf mischief planner. Jot down all your favourite ideas in one handy place!

Download your free printable Elf planner here.

Easy elf ideas for mischief and mayhem this Christmas

Easy elf ideas for mischief and mayhem!

Stuck for ideas or looking for some new Elf for Christmas ideas? Don't panic! We've got just what you need - download our printable 2022 Elf Ideas Planner and get set for some fun!

Elf Letters - 24 ways to bring your Elf for Christmas letters to life this year!

Download our simple Advent Letters Magic Planner to make your 24 daily elf letters even more fun this December.

Suitable for use with the 24 daily sixth edition elf letters!

Elf for Christmas - The inspiration & ideas behind our brand
Elf for Christmas now has a range wonderful Christmas keepsakes, stories and magical activities to delight children of all ages. Each one is made with love, care, a good sprinkling of North Pole magic and all of our products represent the following values behind the Elf for Christmas brand...
Christmas Elf Letters: The ultimate guide

If you are new to the Elf Letter tradition, don’t worry. With a little help from our elf friends, we have put together this handy Elf Letter guide. 

Our Christmas Elf Letters are perfect for returning readers and newbies alike.

Personalised Santa Letters - for a touch of magic
How our personalised Santa letters bring Christmas magic to the whole family... Receiving a personalised letter from Santa Claus himself is what Christmas dreams are made of! Much like the big man himself, our Santa letters are full of magic...
Golden Ticket: the personalised gift voucher with a difference
Shiny, shimmery and so very special: take a closer look at our magical personalised North Pole Golden Tickets… guaranteed to make little eyes sparkle with wonder!
Be a wise old Elf and start Christmas saving early with our free printable Budget Planner

Still paying off Christmas? Make a plan to save for Christmas 2023 with our downloadable Christmas saving budget planner. 

Elf Ideas - easy, fun and festive things to do with your Elf this December
We are here to help this December with lots of magical and fun Elf ideas, including free Elf printables to bring lots of excitement to your family. Save this page for your last minute Elf Ideas emergencies! 
Elf Arrival Ideas

Easy and fun Elf Arrival printable to bring your Elves home on December 1st.

North Pole approved magic!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable
Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable - a fun way to enjoy a walk around your village or town with the children this festive season.  Simply print the scavenger hunt (or save it to your phone!) and go out and spot as...
Christmas Bingo - print at home and play Elf Christmas Bingo
Christmas Bingo - a free printable game you can print to enjoy at home with your friends, family - or even with your Christmas Elf!
Printable Christmas Elf Application Form
Do you love Christmas? Do you fancy working at the North Pole with the Elves? It's time to get your Christmas Elf Application form done! A fun free Christmas printable activity to enjoy.
Elf Letter 2021 Magic Planner!
You might find this little guide handy - a list of 24 ideas of little props that you can put out with the elf letters, to make them even more magical!