Christmas Elf Blog

Let's go on an Elf Hunt this December!

Calling all children. The North Pole needs you - Santa Claus needs some Elf help this December.

It's the Elf for Christmas Elf Hunt!

Can you to go out where you live, count up the elves and report back?

North Pole Rainbow Letter - Pip McJingles

With children across the world stuck at home and not being able to go out and enjoy themselves, we wanted to help spread a little magic. Download and print our free letter from Pip McJingles to share the rainbow joy.

24 magical Elf antics to bring your Advent letters to life!
Add even more magic to your elf letters this December with our fabulous ideas for props to leave out with your envelope and Elf. These easy Elf ideas will make Christmas even more magical!
Elf mischief sorted! 24 easy elf ideas on our printable planner
Our free printable Elf ideas planner is packed with ideas for your elf to create a December to remember - we've got an easy elf idea for every day of advent!
Christmas crafts - download our free Elf finger puppet printable
Fill up those dark and chilly winter days with some bright and cheerful Christmas crafting! Download our free printable Elf finger puppet template and get creative.
Get ready for Christmas Jumper Day 2019 with our top 4 picks!

Are you ready for Christmas Jumper Day 2019 on December 13? Check out some of our favourite snuggly styles from small independent businesses.

2019 Elf Antics Planner Printable
Keep track of your favourite Elf ideas with our brand-new 2019 Elf Planner! Perfect for organising all those Elf antics in one handy place.
What do Elves do in other countries? Christmas traditions around the world
Find out what the other Elves get up to during December and explore the globe with these 6 Christmas traditions from around the world!
Did you forget to move the Elf? 5 reasons Elf doesn’t move
If you forgot to move your Christmas Elf last night, don't worry. We have 5 simple reasons why Elf forgot to move right here!
Reward good behaviour with our free Christmas certificates!

Encourage good behaviour every day of December with our free printable Christmas certificates! The perfect way to make sure your little ones are on Santa's Nice List.

Your December to do list – free printable for advent activity ideas
Looking for ideas to fill the days throughout December? Our December to do list is just what you need – a different idea for advent activities to fill every day up to Christmas!
We’re back! Welcome your Elf back from the North Pole with our free printable signs
Are you ready to welcome your Elf toy back from the North Pole this December? If you’re looking for easy Elf arrival ideas, our free printable ‘We’re back’ signs are perfect!
Choose your magical Elf name with the Elf Name Generator
There's still time to work out your magical Elf name before December begins. Find out if you're a Candy McFluff or a Sparky Gumdrop with our Elf Name Generator.
Our 2018 Elf planner for all your Elf antics!
Keep track of your favourite Elf ideas with our brand-new 2018 Elf Planner! Perfect for organising all those Elf antics in one handy place.
Christmas breakfast ideas to make it a magical morning!
Which tasty treats will you tuck into on the morning of December 25th? Check out our wonderful Christmas breakfast ideas and find the perfect North Pole breakfast the whole family will love.
Your Elf-help guide: How to welcome a Christmas Elf through the Elf door
Looking for some enchanted Elf arrival ideas? Discover our favourite ways for your new festive friend to make their grand entrance through the Magical Elf Door with our wonderful Elf-help welcome guide.
The 5 best Elf ideas to prove elves really are magical!
Looking for magical Elf ideas that will make your little one’s jaw drop? We’ve picked 5 of the best Elf magic ideas to inspire your mischievous little visitor this December!
A fun and festive guide to the Christmas Elf door
Find out the magic behind the Elf door, plus our favourite Christmas Elf door ideas for a fun-filled December!
Benefits of creative play: why creative toys are so important to child development

It’s common knowledge that children learn through play, but did you realise just how important creative play is for the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of your little one? Find out how creative toys that foster imaginative play like our Christmas Elf could actively help your child’s development.

10 funny Elf ideas that will have your little ones giggling ‘til Christmas

Looking for funny Elf ideas? Here are 10 of our favourite ideas for mischief that are guaranteed to raise a giggle from your little Elf fans!

The Elf for Christmas Summer Bucket (and spade) List – free printable for things to do every day of the summer holidays
Looking for things to do in the summer holidays with the kids? Our free printable Elf for Christmas Summer Bucket List has 44 brilliant summer activities for kids – one for every day of the holidays! Download it for free, then tick each one off as you do it.