Christmas Elf Videos

Watch our naughty Elf caught on camera – he’s been getting into all sorts of trouble! Let’s just hope your own Elf for Christmas doesn’t get any mischievous ideas after watching our Elf videos…

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Naughty Elf caught on camera!

If you’re stuck for funny Elf ideas, just watch our Christmas Elf videos for some mischievous inspiration!

When everyone in the house is asleep, our naughty Elf just can’t help himself – especially if he’s been good all day. Reporting to Santa at the North Pole and helping wrap up lots of Christmas presents in the Elf Workshop can be a little too boring for our favourite festive friend. So, when the lights are turned out and everyone’s tucked up in bed, this silly scallywag starts causing chaos!

But we have some rare footage of the naughty Elf moving around at night – proof that he’s been up to no good. Our Christmas Elf videos show Elf caught on camera, making messes and mayhem all over the house!

Our favourite little tricksters have been getting themselves involved in all kinds of tomfoolery. From watching the television at night (when he knows he’s not supposed to be!) to climbing up the curtains, our Elf videos reveal lots of sneaky things going on. We even saw that our mischievous Elf has been rummaging in our kitchen cupboards to make snow angels out of the cereal!

Our Elf videos show these merrymakers are great at dancing too, getting up for a midnight ball. But they’re very clever too – freezing on the spot when a parent comes to check out the noise. And watch out – we have the naughty Elf caught on camera making a zip line right across the living room!

Our Christmas Elf videos are sure to get little ones excited! Perfect for making the magic real, you can show our Elf videos to your children throughout December in the countdown to Christmas.

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