24 Day Elf Kit

24 Day Elf Kit

Full of Christmas magic, this 24 day elf kit will make sure you are never stuck for naughty elf ideas!

The 24 day elf kit: here to make Christmas mischief easy!

We’ve all been there. You’re about to go to bed when you realise you’ve forgotten to set up tomorrow’s Christmas elf mischief.  Jingle bells!

But ho-ho-help is at hand…

With an idea for every day of Christmas, our 24 day elf kit will make those 11pm google searches a thing of the past.


A daily idea for Christmas elf mischief

New for 2023, this lovely full-colour elf kit contains 24 pages of fantastic elf-sized activities, each one designed to bring magic and giggles to your home over Christmas.

The kit contains everything you need to set up 24 days of exciting elf escapades, with 24 gorgeously designed cut-out props, cute stickers for extra fun and helpful instructions.

Designed with kids (and parents) in mind

Sweet and funny, each idea is bursting with festive fun and guaranteed to delight your little ones when they discover elf’s latest antics.

We’ve also made sure that they are super easy to set up (Christmas is a busy time after all!) and all you will need is scissors and some sticky tape or glue.

If you want to *extra* we have suggested some ideas of adding little sweets, or things around the house to really bring the props to life.

The perfect addition to Christmas Elf Advent Letters

The 24 day elf kit has been created to complement the adventures featured in this year’s elf letters, with subtle nods to the latest stories.

Little faces will light up when they realise their Christmas elf is part of the fun going on at the North Pole! 

Santa Sleigh Manual

An elf-tastic Christmas activity

If you haven’t got this year’s elf letters, don’t worry. The 24 day elf kit works wonderfully as a standalone Christmas activity.

Full of delightful little props from the magical world of Santa’s elves, your kids will be enchanted with their elf’s North Pole naughtiness!

Downloadable elf kit also available

If you don’t fancy buying the complete 24 day elf kit, we also have an online version available to download and print out at home.

Download here.

With bundles of 6, 12 or 24 ideas to choose from, the elf kit download is a quick and easy solution if you need some elf inspo. Speaking of which…

Elf Snowball Training


The 24 day elf kit will have its own dedicated webpage, full of extra Christmas elf resources and examples of the elf props in action (we can’t resist an elf photoshoot!)

Let our 24 day elf kit make this Christmas the most memorable yet – order yours today!  

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