Christmas Crafts for Children & Toddlers

So you have children to entertain... me too :)

We have documented some of our favourite Christmas Craft activities for children here for you. Great for a rainy day.

Now, I know there is some great ideas over on Pinterest but (& I have to be honest here), I have tried a lot of Pinterest activities & they have been an epic fail. My little people are 9 months & almost 3 years, and although we do LOVE the idea of making perfect hand print Christmas Wreaths, or Snowman-style-gingerbread men, well, some of our creations are less than perfect... to put it nicely! 

This first activity is one of our favourites - potato stamping, perfect for a short attention span & a quick creative, fun & messy session, with cute results. We do it a lot. In fact we do all kinds of stamping. It's paint, it's messy & children of all ages love it! We stamp fruit, vegetables, toys, bottle tops - all kinds really. But here we are keeping it simple...

Reindeer Gift Tags - Potato Stamp Styleee

All you need to do is cut a potato in half, and mix up some brown paint. 

Stamp. That's the face. It will take a while to dry, but you can get on with stage two. Squeeze yourself some red paint, dab on a dot (you could try using a carrot, which is fitting) to make Rudolph's red nose.

Stick on some googley eyes, or draw them on if you prefer.

Then finally, using a brown felt tip or crayon, draw in some antlers.

Voila - the perfect Reindeer Gift tag - easy, even at 2 years old! Here's another one, we made loads!

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