5 fun winter activities and craft ideas for kids we love

5 fun winter activities and craft ideas for kids we love

With cold, wet days and long, dark nights, it can sometimes be a little tricky to keep little ones entertained in winter. The excitement of Christmas has passed, and summer holidays feel like a lifetime away!

But worry not – here at Elf for Christmas, we’ve searched the web and collated our 5 favourite winter activities and craft ideas for kids that will help to keep them busy until springtime!

1.      Make your own stained glass windows with tissue paper

This is a fabulous crafty idea for kids that will really make the most of that magical winter sunlight.

There are some great step-by-step instructions here, but you can also find loads of inspiration for different designs over on Pinterest.

Come this weekend, I guarantee the windows in our house are going to be COVERED in these!

2.      Help out your feathered friends by making a bird feeder

Winter can be really tough for birds – snow and ice can hide food like berries and seeds and water supplies can freeze over.

The RSPB has some brilliant tips for making a simple DIY bird feeder out of recycled plastic bottles or yoghurt pots, here.

Or, if you fancy making something a little more decorative for the garden, these painted can bird feeders are super easy too and a delight to look at!

Our friends at Sainsbury's Bank Money Matters Blog have also shared this lovely visual guide to making a bird feeder out of plastic bottles with us:

Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Building a Bottle Bird Feeder

3.      Capture the winter in a jar with your own snow globe

There’s something so magical about the miniature little worlds you see inside snow globes. Why not help your little one create your own magical scene with a DIY snow globe?

There are some simple instructions here, although younger children will definitely need an adult’s help – and, if my experience is anything to go by, be prepared for the glitter explosion created whenever kids get within 5 feet of the sparkly stuff!

4.      A snowy alternative to the slime craze

Slime seems to have been everywhere the last few months! And no wonder – there’s so much gooey fun to be had with it.

This recipe for making your own snow slime is perfect for giving a seasonal slant to the craze. (And I have to say, ‘snowman farts’ sound like a whole lot of fun too!)

5.      Make your own thank-you cards

If you’re as slow at getting your Christmas thank-you cards sorted as we are, you may want to make them extra special by getting the kids to create their own!

There are so many brilliant ideas for designs out there – we love some of the ones on this website, and they’re even sorted by age, so you can quickly find one that’s perfect for your little one!


We’ve put together a board of even more fun winter craft ideas for kids over on Pinterest – check it out here if you’re still looking for some inspiration.

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