5 things you probably didn’t know about your Christmas Elf Toy

When an Elf toy comes to stay at your house for Christmas it is really exciting because it means that it’s nearly Christmas! You might know a little about Christmas Elves from story books or the TV, but did you know that they are quite shy and are rarely seen away from the North Pole except in December? We’ve been working with Christmas Elf Toys for a long time and have put together 5 facts you probably didn’t know about your favourite Christmas Elf.

Elf loves to be a spy!

While children are playing with their toys, when they are brushing their teeth or tidying their rooms, Elf is watching. Elf always fancied being a spy and this is the closest thing to being like James Bond… sneaking around and watching the family when no-one is looking, you’ll never see Elf move! Elf gained the best spy skills during Elf Surveillance lessons back at the North Pole, meaning your Elf toy has learned from the best Elf Spies in the world!

Your Elf Toy has a secret post service, straight to Santa.

How do you think Santa gets to know about everything? Make sure you are on your best behaviour, as Elf has strict instructions from Santa to keep him updated with all the good and the bad things that children do on the run up to Christmas Eve… Every night just after you have gone to sleep, Elf sends a quick letter to Santa to let him know all the naughty and nice things you’ve been up to that day. If you’re really lucky you might even get a letter from Santa about your behaviour, if he has time!

Elf loves to cause mischief.

Even though Elf is keeping an eye on your behaviour during the day and sending letters to Santa to keep him updated, there isn’t anyone watching Elf on a night time… Be warned, Elf loves to get up to all sorts of mischief during the night! Sometimes Elves don’t manage to get back to their special place before you wake up and then you’ll get to see what they’ve been up to! Make sure you check everywhere as they won’t make the same mistake twice, sometimes you might find Elf has made a mess in the kitchen, played hide and seek with the other toys or might have just left you a pretty picture for the fridge. You never know!

Elves have such a sweet tooth!

So if you ever wonder where the last gummy bear or jelly baby went, you might want to check where Elf got to last night. Elf loves all sugary things, sweets, chocolate and anything else that’s bad for your teeth… have you ever seen Elf teeth? It’s a good job they are friends with the Tooth Fairy who keeps them topped up with toothpaste and toothbrushes or else there wouldn’t be any Elf teeth left!

Make everyone feel Christmassy – it’s Elf’s favourite thing to do

The best thing you can do to keep your Elf toy happy is to spread the Christmas spirit, and what better way to do that than sing Christmas songs?! Whether you put on a Christmas performance with your friends and family, or just sing them with a friend or elderly relative, the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to sing out loud for all to hear!

Over the Christmas month, you can make sure you stay on the Nice List by being kind, helpful and spreading the Christmas spirit, why not plan some Christmas activities to help make everyone feel festive? You could make some Christmas decorations to give to family and friends or have a Christmas carol singing session with Christmas cookies and Christmas stories.

You can see loads more Christmas activity ideas on our blog.

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