5 ways to introduce your new Christmas Elf toy on 1st December

An Elf for Christmas Toy & Kit

Hopefully your first Elf toy arrived in the post with enough time for you to remove all the secret grown up bits of your kit! But what is the best way to introduce your Christmas Elf toy to its new family? We've put together 5 new Elf ideas, so your little festive pal can say 'hello!' in his own special way on the first morning of December. 

First time with Elf for Christmas?  

If you’ve not received your first Elf toy yet, don’t panic. There are plenty of good reasons why Elf was running a little late… Didn’t you hear about the snow drifts in the North Pole? The Teddy bear nose shortage? Santa needing extra help finding his gloves to go in the wash? We could go on....

We recommend you remove all the paper parts from your first Elf Toy kit, except for the welcome letter from Santa, so you can keep them in a safe place and bring them out during December when needed.

If this is your first year of having an Elf in the house at Christmas, you might be wondering how is best to introduce your little Elf toy to its new family. First of all, you can read all about your little Elf in this handy article. Now we’ve picked out our favourite new Elf ideas for the little people to meet your elf toy on 1st December.


Elf brings advent calendars with him for 1st December

You can welcome both Christmas traditions at the same time by allowing your first Elf to appear with the advent calendar, as well as his welcome letter, on 1st December. Perhaps they are all kept in the same place out of the reach of little fingers?


Elf is found in a puddle of snow

Arrange Elf and Santa’s letter by sprinkling some icing sugar or flour around in a silhouette as if Elf has just arrived straight from the North Pole covered in snow! Maybe add some footprints too?


Delivery update from Santa

Change someone’s contact name in your phone to Santa, then get ‘Santa’ to text you in the early evening of 30th November to say that their little Christmas guest should be arriving during the night. How exciting!


Up to mischief already!

Choose somewhere that your child will visit first thing. Perhaps their bookcase or the kitchen bench for breakfast? Place Elf in a mischievous situation, check out our Blog for even more Christmas Elf Activity ideas. Honestly, did Elf not even manage one night without being naughty?


An early Christmas Present!

But how did Elf arrive from the North Pole? Wrapped up in the little brown box of course! Elf can be in the delivery box, with the letter from Santa. If you’ve found your Christmas wrapping paper, you could even wrap it up especially.


Is this your first Elf? Let us know your new Elf ideas on our Elf for Christmas Facebook page! Make sure you aren’t left struggling for Christmas Elf activity ideas by filling in your Activity Planner in advance. We’ve got loads of activity ideas for children as well as mischief and kindness acts with your Elf on our website.

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