5 of the best April fools pranks for kids

Now some might say Elf has a bit of a reputation when it comes to pulling pranks. And we’d say, it’s a reputation that’s well founded! That naughty little imp spends most of December coming up with new and creative ways to wreak havoc in children’s homes.

So it comes as no surprise to learn that April Fools’ Day is Elf’s second favourite day of the year.

Read on to find out Elf’s top 5 April Fools’ Day pranks…

A minty treat

This is an April fools prank that will ensure your victim stays minty fresh!

Carefully prise apart a biscuit such as an Oreo or custard cream that has a cream filling. Scrape all the delicious creamy goodness out (obviously it is essential to destroy any incriminating evidence by eating the filling at this point) then carefully spread toothpaste in place of the filling and press the two halves back together.

Just make sure you keep a straight face as you pass the bickies round on April 1st!

Wakey wakey!

Start your day the party way, with an April fools prank that will have your victim jumping out of their skin.

Simply tape a party popper to the outside of your chosen fool’s bedroom door, then tape the party popper string to the door frame. They’ll be showered in streamers before they’ve even stumbled to the bathroom.

One-sided water fight

Make sure you stand well clear when your April fool falls for this prank!

Fix clear tape over the spout of your bathroom tap. Whoever turns the water on first will get a surprise shower before they’ve even taken their jimmy-jams off.

Magic milk

Hand your prankee their usual breakfast cereal, then see the look of shock on their faces as you pour the milk on and it magically turns blue. Or pink, or orange, or whatever their favourite colour is!

To set this prank up, simply pour a few drops of food dye into the bowl before you put the cereal on top. When the milk is added it will instantly change colour as if by magic!

Play Russian roulette with Easter eggs!

This is one April fools prank that’s not for the faint-hearted!

Share your last few remaining chocolate mini eggs with your friends – but mix in a few wasabi peas just to make it interesting! You might want to have plenty of water to hand for afterwards…


Let us know what mischief you get up to this April Fools’ Day. Elf’s always keen to hear new ideas for next year’s pranks!

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