Christmas Elf Advent Letters - 2020 Magic Planner!

Christmas Elf Advent Letters - 2020 Magic Planner!

If you're using the Fourth Edition of our Advent Elf Letters this year, then you may find this guide handy - a list of 24 ideas of little props that you can put out with the letters, to make them even more magical!

Each item suggested relates to the story in that days letter. You don't have to do this and you don't have to do it every day - but it could be fun now and then! Here's the list or you can download the handy PDF printable here:


Day 1 - Put out some marshmallows, sprinkles, grated cheese, flour or jelly out - the Elves are making yummy food for a tea party.

Day 2 - Cut the top off a carrot - the Elves have grown carrots at the North Pole, but they are the shape of Candy Canes!

Day 3 - A little bit of snow? The Elves have been sledging.

Day 4 - Glitter (any colour) - it’s been flying all over the North Pole today after being stuck inside a recorder.

Day 5 - Little sticks, the Elves have been making a campfire to toast marshmallows.

Day 6 - Something baby related - the Elves are looking after triplets today. Or sticky pureed apple... they make quite a mess.

Day 7 - Any Christmas Pudding baking ingredients. There’s chilli powder going in the Christmas Pudding Disaster today.

Day 8 - An empty chocolate coin wrapper - the coins have been STOLEN!!

Day 9 - Sherbet - there’s a giant sherbet explosion today.

Day 10 - The Elves have been fixing the sleigh, could be string, nails, sellotape or glue.

Day 11 - Christmas tree decorating today - a bauble or some tinsel would work well today.

Day 12 - It’s Dance Club! Anything dance related or - a tiny plaster! It was on Elf’s BUM yesterday - tee hee!

Day 13 - A Bell? The Elves have been testing out bells today for the sleigh.

Day 14 - A school pencil, or chocolate chips or a chocolate coin. Elf has been back to school and learning chocolate coin recipes.

Day 15 - Shredded up papers. Santa Letters have accidentally been shredded today for a mouses nest! What a calamity!

Day 16 - Little screws as the Elves are screwing the wheels on the scooters today.

Day 17 - Candles! It’s Grandpapa Elf’s birthday today. So many candles to blow out.

Day 18 - Gymnastics. You could make Elf a tiny skipping rope from some string.

Day 19 - Crumbs. The Elves have been tucking into some marshmallow brownies after a busy treasure hunt.

Day 20 - Christmas Concert - some glitter or party streamers from the Grand Finale!

Day 21 - Magic Dust - the Elves are making magic today.

Day 22 - Needle or thread - the Elves are sewing emergency fancy dress costumes.

Day 23 - Another chocolate coin.... the Elves have remade all the stolen coins just in time. Phew.

Day 24 - A black or white feather (The South Pole Penguins are staying at the North Pole!) I know - what a surprise!

Have fun!


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