Christmas Eve Box ideas – ten ways to bring the magic

Christmas Eve Box ideas – ten ways to bring the magic

Christmas Eve Box ideas – ten ways to bring the magic

If you’re looking to make the night before Christmas even MORE exciting, then a box filled with special festive goodies is sure to do the trick! Here are ten Christmas Eve Box ideas to get you inspired:

1. Box clever

The fun begins with the box itself!

Though you can buy Christmas Eve Boxes from various retailers, you can DIY very easily. With online shopping at its pre-Christmas peak, you are bound to have a box or two in the recycling: wrap it in some festive wrapping paper and voila!  

2. Pick your moment

Like most brilliant ideas, the Christmas Eve Box is all about timing!

Give it in the morning and you can use it as something to keep the kids occupied throughout the day (see below).

Give it in the evening and it can distract them from constantly checking the Santa Tracker.  

Let us know what time Christmas Eve Box o’clock is for you on our Facebook, or Instagram!

3. Fill it with fun

A Christmas Eve Box is a fantastic idea to entertain little ones (especially if you have lots of last minute prep for the Big Day!).

You can include all sorts of activities to keep them busy: festive wordsearches and puzzles are always a hit, or why not print out some of our free Christmas Elf colouring sheets?

4. Get your Christmas Elf involved!

If you’ve had a cheeky Elf causing mischief in your house all month, then it seems only fair that they help you with the Christmas Eve Box!

Perhaps it could be your Elf who delivers it before they go home to the North Pole? 

5. The personal touch

Our personalised Christmas gift tags will make the Box even more magical – especially with that North Pole postmark!

With 12 unique designs, these stick-on gift tags are perfect for Christmas gifts too – find out more and order here.

6. The Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar

Our Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar – new for 2023 – is something very special. Not only is it absolutely YUMMY, but it also features in this year’s Advent Letters.

Invented by the elves themselves in the 24th Christmas Eve letter, imagine the amazement on your children’s faces if they were to receive a Twinkle Sprinkle Bar all of their own!

7. Jólabókaflóð

Literally meaning “the Christmas book flood”, this Icelandic tradition of giving books as gifts on Christmas Eve is a lovely idea to consider for your box.

Our Elf story collection features two original tales of festive magic - Elf's First Adventure Christmas Story Book and the personalised The Christmas Muddle Story Book – and are perfect to read to your children on Christmas Eve.

8. Hot chocolate

Nothing gets you feeling festive quite like a lovely mug of hot chocolate!

You can include everything they’ll need for this snuggly treat – chocolate powder, chocolate stirrers, a special Christmas mug and of course those all-important marshmallows.

9. Festive fashion

Special Christmas pyjamas are brilliant Christmas Eve Box idea, especially when getting (over) excited children to bed on this special night can be tricky!

Christmas onesies, slippers and socks are also fantastic ideas – and not just for the kids, why not treat the whole family?!

10. A treat for Santa

And finally, no Christmas Eve Box would be complete without some ideas for welcoming the Big Man!

Our Christmas Elf Cookies recipe needs only six ingredients and is super easy to follow, making it a wonderful Christmas Eve activity to include – and you’ll end up with yummy cookies too!

Christmas Eve Box ideas galore!

So, these are our Christmas Box ideas, what are yours? Share the magic on Facebook and Instagram.


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