Easy elf ideas for mischief and mayhem this Christmas

Easy elf ideas for mischief and mayhem this Christmas

Are you ready for some elf fun this December? We are here to help with some easy Elf ideas! 

We’ve been working hard with our friends at the North Pole and have pulled together our best Elf for Christmas elf ideas planner yet!

Read on for your daily inspiration and stay tuned to our social media channels in December for more ideas. If you’re feeling really organised, why not print out our Elf ideas A4 planner - just make sure to keep it tucked away from little eyes!

Let's get December ready!

Download our Elf Ideas Planner and follow the instructions to make child’s play of your elf mischief this year.


Planning easy elf antics doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. We've filled your planner with lots of fun elf ideas, one for every day in the lead up to Christmas. You can be confident that you will never run out of ideas for keeping Elf busy (and out of further mischief!).

We can’t wait to hear about what your little Elf will be getting up to through December. Please tag us in your Christmas Elf photos on social media and let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below.

Download your easy elf ideas to get started. Things are about to get VERY interesting!

Easy Elf Ideas included on our planner:

  1. Elf has arrived and thrown a party to get to know the other toys. Elf has even brought a drum kit to play a few Christmas tunes - download our printable drum kit sign & Elf Christmas music sheet (this wraps around an empty tin perfectly!)
  2. Elf is watching the TV, grab the remote - clever elf even set up a profile and saved all the Christmas movies to favourites! 
  3. Elf is helping with the laundry – all of the socks are mismatched and jumbled up. Have they even been hung on a washing line!?
  4. Elf is making breakfast but instead of cooking the eggs, they have all had faces drawn on and have googly eyes!
  5. Snow ball training today - use our free North Pole snowball target printable and make your own snowballs with paper or cotton wool.
  6. Elf has got into the make up bag - the grown ups have blusher on, lipstick and is that a moustache that has been drawn on mum?!
  7. Do you have a scanner? Elf has scanned the self and printed out LOTS of pictures!!
  8. Elf has made a mess with flour… and then written ‘child’s name’ did it – cheeky!
  9. Elf has robbed the piggy bank - but what did they find? Chocolate coins!!
  10. Great helper around the house, Elf is cooking breakfast. Fried eggs and mushrooms (the jelly sweets!) are on the menu today!
  11. Elf has made a drink. How did they get the milk blue? (food colouring)
  12. Let's do magic - Elf has two eggs sat in a bowl, with a note saying ‘Do you want to see magic?’ Switch these to chocolate eggs later in the day! 
  13. Elf is working at the Snowman nose recycling centre today - using a carrot and a grater!
  14. Take a selfie with Elf and your child while they are sleeping and save it as your screensaver - leave Elf with your phone!
  15. Elf is hiding behind the curtain with some half-eaten biscuits and a crumb or wrapper trail.
  16. That’s not an angel at the top of our tree! (It’s an elf) And he made a paper aeroplane to get there - Elf flew with North Pole Airlines.
  17. Is that a snowman made from shaving foam on the bathroom floor? Elf has the can! 
  18. Elf has been wrapping presents – Elf is taped to the table and surrounded by wrapping paper! Did he even wrap the table??
  19. Elf took a few toys on a fairground ride - in the washing machine!
  20. Elf wrote on the toilet roll ‘Jingle Bells Your Poo Smells!’ And then rolled it down the stairs!
  21. Elf stuck notes on the picture frames! Download your Elf prop signs here!
  22. Christmas would you rather - elf brought a game to play. Download and print it here.
  23. Elf has been making paper chains (or maybe paper snowflakes) with paper, glue and scissors.
  24. Time to say goodbye. Write it in sweets, flour or toothpaste and leave a goodbye treat...

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