Elf Ideas - easy, fun and festive things to do with your Elf this December

Elf Ideas - easy, fun and festive things to do with your Elf this December

We are here to help this December with lots of magical and fun Elf ideas, including free Elf printables to bring lots of excitement to your family. Save this page for your last minute emergencies! 

You can also check out our Elf Ideas section here.

Elf Ideas with free Printables:

Judging Strictly with little score paddles - print the Elf Score paddles here

Baking gingerbread elves with recipe card - printable Elf Gingerbread Recipe here

Elves deliver a secret message from Santa, can you crack the code? Printable Crack the Code sheet here.

Elf Ideas with props from around the house

  • Decorating the Christmas tree with tiny baubles (pom poms)
  • Set up a tug of war with other soft toys
  • Cracking nuts
  • Doing exercise to a Joe Wicks video on TV/device
  • Taking a selfie (an elfie!)
  • Graffiti on mirror/window condensation
  • Graffiti on mirror/window with chalk pens
  • Writing out Christmas cards to their elf friends
  • Making a Christmas playlist on spotify
  • Whatsapping their elf mates group
  • Whatsapping Father Christmas
  • Reading Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs (or any Christmas Book)
  • Watching Home Alone on tv/device (doing the famous hands on face pose)
  • Playing Silent Night on the recorder
  • Christmas jumper day!
  • Walking on stilts made from toilet rolls
  • Pamper night (with tiny facemasks etc)
  • Karaoke!
  • Christmas party! (disco lights, party food etc)
  • Still in bed asleep
  • Domino rally!
  • Missing home (looking at an atlas)

Elf Ideas that are easy (but a little naughty!)

  • Make snow angels with flour
  • Playing snap (and cheating)
  • Opening up all of the windows of the advent calendar!
  • Glitter flight!
  • Using the family’s toothbrushes to brush their little elf teeth - making a mess with the toothpaste!
  • Dressing up as Santa (with a cotton wool beard and big belly)
  • Looking at their reward chart for good behaviour (head in hands)
  • Hiding the remote

Elf Ideas with a kindness theme

  • Putting food items aside for a food bank
  • Making mummy or daddy a cuppa
  • Feeding the birds/filling the bird feeders
  • Feeding the family pets
  • Hugs with other little toys
  • Helping to make breakfast

Elf Ideas that are arts & craftsy (that could also be activities for the kids)

  • Making xmas paperchains
  • Making new pom poms for their elf hats
  • Making paper snowflakes (the naughty Elves sometimes make these from toilet roll!)
  • Download our printable activity sheets and colouring sheets for the Elves to bring for you.

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