People say the nicest things! Elf for Christmas in the Press

We dearly love our little elf toys and all the goodies that go with them at Elf for Christmas, but we also love to hear what other people think of them.

And we’ve been grinning from ear to ear reading the reviews our Christmas elf has been getting! No wonder this cheeky little Elf is blushing!

As well as featuring in the national press, with articles in the Mail Online, the Huffington Post, the Guardian and Vogue among others, we’ve also had a Santa’s sackful of reviews by parenting bloggers.

Here are just a few of the lovely things people have to say about our Christmas elf toy…


Mum-of-six Kara Guppy reviewed our Christmas elf for her blog Chelsea Mamma. She said: “Elf for Christmas toys are unique; lovingly designed to get them just right, with endearing charm, a friendly face, mischievously long arms with handy velcro fastenings and dinky clothes.”

Read her full review here.


Parent, lifestyle and photography blogger Rebecca Bodkin wrote in her Clearly Bex review: “This set truly is packed with everything you and your child(ren) will need for a fantastically magical advent.”

You can read her full Elf for Christmas review here.


Emma Shilton wrote about our Christmas elf in her blog Life According to Mrs Shilts: “Edward is beautifully made from quality fabrics and is just adorable. Everything about him is fantastic.

“The book is beautifully illustrated and there’s a really lovely storyline throughout the book. I cannot wait to read the story with Olly.”

Read Emma’s full review here.


Mum-of-two Jade Wilson wrote in her blog Raising the Rings: “These are limited edition toys that are unique to ‘An Elf For Christmas’ and they are so adorable. They’re super soft with velcro on the hands so you can wrap them around things (handy) and they’re dressed very traditionally in festive colours and our boy is wearing the cutest dungarees with a super smile on his face.”

Read her full review here.


Emily Higgins, who writes the blog Twin Mummy & Daddy, loved our Christmas elf too. She said: “The elves themselves are super cute! They’re dressed in traditional elf clothes and their hands can be held together with the Velcro that’s attached to them.”

Read Emily’s full review here.


We love hearing what everyone thinks of our adorable little Christmas elf and we’d love to hear from you too! You can leave your own review for our Elf toys or book here.

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