Elf Letters - 24 ways to bring your Elf for Christmas letters to life this year!

Elf Letters - 24 ways to bring your Elf for Christmas letters to life this year!

Bring your Elf Letters to life with our elf letters magic planner!

The sixth edition of our magical elf letters are an exciting way to bring some North Pole magic directly into your home this December. 

Children and adults alike will enjoy reading our fun and magical daily updates directly from an Elf penpal at the North Pole. These little festive notes work perfectly well with or without an Elf visitor in your home. They are such a magical family tradition - perfect for encouraging reading, family time and big imaginations!

For 2022 - we've put together a list of 24 easy Elf Letter ideas into a downloadable Advent Letters Magic Planner.

You don't have to set out props every day (or at all!) but we know some families like to go all out and these ideas give you a clue as to what you could do to relate to the story each day.

Each of these suggestions links directly to the stories in this year's sixth edition Elf Advent Letters - and a little prop makes the story even more enchanting!

The planner is an easy way to build up your Elf for Christmas excitement as you use the suggestions to help bring the magical stories from the North Pole to your home.

The Elves have been extremely busy this year... From getting a new puppy to growing record breaking sprouts, and trying out Mrs Claus' dancing shoes to fixing the sleigh just in time for Christmas Eve – each one has a suggestion of little props and additions you can use to add an extra dollop of fun to your letters. 

Of course, it's up to you which ideas your Elf chooses to use. With 24 options you can pick your favourites or create that Christmas magic every day, right through December and up until Christmas Eve.

We hope you have a great time, please do let us know how you get on!

Note - these ideas are designed to work will the Sixth Edition of our 24 Daily Advent Letters, either personalised or Standard Editions. 

Download your Elf Advent Letters Magic Planner here.

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