How to choose the perfect Personalised Letter from Santa

How to choose the perfect Personalised Letter from Santa

 A quick guide to ordering your magical personalised Santa Letter this year!

Our popular personalised Santa Letters are available in two different Christmas-y designs, and with three different message themes from Santa Claus. Perfect if you want to order more than one for different siblings, or you want a different Santa Letter from last year.

Design one is called ‘Vintage’ and features a lovely classic antique-styled paper, with a picture of Santa Claus and a little North Pole mouse. Design two ‘Striped Edge’ is a more modern look, with a candy cane stripe to the edge.

 After selecting your design you can choose from three different messages:

  • Thanks for your letter: Santa has written a personal reply to your child thanking them for the wonderful letter they sent him! 
  • Christmas Eve: A wonderful note from Santa to leave your child when he calls with their presents on Christmas Eve - imagine how delighted they'll be to find personal evidence of the Big Man's visit!
  • Reassurance that Santa is real: Has your little one heard a terrible rumour that Santa and the North Pole elves aren't real?! What poppycock! Santa himself will put them right with this personalised letter that proves his magic is all around

If you are off to visit Santa Claus somewhere special, we can even write a personalised Invite to Santa Claus, which details the date and place your set to go and meet him. Be sure to order these magical Santa Letters in advance!

Also - if you have more than one child you can order your personalised Santa letter to be addressed to multiple siblings.

Santa Letter Luxury Upgrades

We offer our Standard personalised Santa Letters (with all of the design and message options) for £4.99. We also have a luxury version, which is really special and is printed on a heavyweight sparkly pearlised paper, for £6.99. The premium option has a magical tactile letter - just as you would expect on a Letter from Santa!

If you want to add even more Christmas magic, you can upgrade your Santa Letter to include a personalised Nice List Certificate too! 

Order personalised Santa Letters here.

We ship worldwide - spreading the magic far and wide directly from the North Pole.

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