How to tell the truth about Santa Claus (and how we can help!)

How to tell the truth about Santa Claus (and how we can help!)

Does your child want to know the truth about Santa? Never fear, we’ve created a letter explaining about Santa in the loveliest way.

When they want to know about the truth about Santa Claus

It was going to happen sooner or later. Maybe someone at school spilled the beans, or they saw something on TV. Or maybe they’ve just reached the age where they don’t believe it anymore.

However it happened, they are now asking you the question that every parent dreads:

“Is Santa real?”

Snowballs! How do you tell them without ruining Christmas?!

Luckily, we’ve come up with a lovely way of sharing the truth about Santa whilst keeping the magic of Christmas alive.  

A special letter explaining about Santa

Our personalised 'Is Santa Real' letter is the perfect way to let older children in on the magical truth about Santa Claus.

Written in a gentle, honest way, it introduces children to the legend of Saint Nicholas and takes them through how he dedicated his life to spreading kindness.

By reading this special letter explaining about Santa Claus and his origins, children will learn that spreading kindness, happiness and joy is the real Santa magic.

They will discover that the truth about Santa is that everyone has the power to become Santa for those they love!

The magical secret you can share   

Once they know the truth about Santa, children will be in possession of a very special secret – one that they can share with you!

But with such important magical information comes great responsibility, so the letter includes a special reminder to never share the secret with other children: the truth about Santa Claus should only be told to other children by their grown ups, when the time is right.

A beautiful keepsake

Learning to truth about Santa is a memorable moment for children, so we have made sure that the ‘Is Santa Real?’ letter is something they will treasure forever.

Personalised with details like your child’s name, grown up's names and their home town, the letter is delivered in a personalised kraft brown envelope with distinctive North Pole decoration and postmark.

Printed on pearlescent paper, it will become a memorable and treasured Christmas keepsake.

A moment filled with Christmas magic

The ‘Is Santa Real?’ letter is designed to make learning the truth about Santa a special experience for you and your child.

The personally addressed letter will be tucked inside a plain white outer envelope addressed to you, so it is safe from little prying eyes when it arrives!

It is then up to you decide when the time is right to give the letter. Christmastime is full of wonderful opportunities to spend special time with your child.

Sharing the truth about Santa Claus is a big milestone for them (and quite an emotional one for us parents!) but with our letter you can make it magical part of Christmas.

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