Important Christmas chocolate news: the Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar is here!

Important Christmas chocolate news: the Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar is here!

Christmas just got chocolatey-er! We are SUPER excited to introduce this special Christmas chocolate bar, full of twinkles, sprinkles and festive fun.

New Christmas magic for 2023

Here at Elf for Christmas HQ we always have our thinking caps on for ways to make each Christmas extra magical – and this year we’ve outdone ourselves!

The Twinkle Sprinkle Christmas chocolate bar is yummy milk chocolate that can be given as a special Christmas treat.

What’s more, this twinkly sprinkly Christmas chocolate bar also features in this year’s letters from Pip the elf! (more on this in a minute).

Meet the Twinkle Sprinkle Christmas Chocolate Bar

First things first, let us describe the Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar itself.

A deliciously smooth milk chocolate bar, it is topped with magical gold stars, white chocolate stars, chocolate snowballs and festive sprinkles. Yum!

Wrapped in an exclusive North Pole 'Jolly Bonbon's Grotto' label, it is Christmas chocolate at its most festively fun.

Christmas chocolate all the way from the North Pole

Not only does this Christmas chocolate bar look wonderful and taste scrumptious, it also stars in 2023’s Elf Advent letters.

We don’t want to give away any of the surprises of this year’s elf adventures, but we can say that the elves open their own sweetshop (yes, the Jolly Bonbon’s Grotto on the label!) which leads to Pip inventing the Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar.

Santa then gives each of the elves a bar of this special Christmas chocolate on Christmas Eve.

Imagine the amazement on your children’s faces if they were to receive a Twinkle Sprinkle Bar of their own, making them part of the story!

When to Twinkle Sprinkle

The Twinkle Sprinkle Christmas Chocolate Bar features in both the 24 day Advent letters and the 12 day Advent letters, so whichever Elf letter package you choose you can still join in on the chocolatey fun.

The Christmas chocolate bar will appear in the letters on Christmas Eve (Letters 12 and 24), so it’s up to you whether you give the children their Twinkle Sprinkle Bars then or save them until Christmas morning for some extra North Pole magic!

A Christmas gift from the big man

If you are sending a letter from Santa this year, the Twinkle Sprinkle Bar will also feature in the Christmas Eve option.

This letter is written to be read on Christmas morning, so Twinkle Sprinkle Bar would be an enchanting addition. Imagine being given a Christmas chocolate bar by Santa himself!

No letters, no worries

You don’t have to give the Advent letters to enjoy the Twinkle Sprinkle Bar.

This is gorgeous chocolate treat would be a lovely addition to a Christmas Eve box or Christmas stocking.

Nor does it have to be saved until Christmas Eve – why not share this delicious Christmas chocolate bar as you decorate the Christmas tree, or while you are snuggled up infront of your favourite Christmas movie? If you are reading the letters we do recommend keeping the bar for Christmas eve, as that is when the elves make and describe it!  

The Twinkle Sprinkle Christmas chocolate bar is available to buy now here.

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