Let's go on an Elf Hunt this December!

Let's go on an Elf Hunt this December!

Calling all children. The North Pole needs you - Santa Claus needs some Elf help this December.

It's the Elf for Christmas Elf Hunt!

Now as we know, in December, there are elves all over the world. Timmy Gingernuts, the elf who runs Santa's office, keeps a close eye on who has gone where.

But after a mishap with some cinnamon hot chocolate and the North Pole Super-Computer, the very important map that shows the location of each elf has been lost! Poooof, vanished!!

It is a catastrophe. 

Santa Claus needs to know exactly how many elves are visiting homes around the world, and where they are, so he can make sure everything is tickety boo for Christmas Eve. 

Santa Claus needs you to go out where you live, count up the elves you can spot and report back. All the elves must all be counted before December 24th. Are you up to the challenge?


Note to parents...

Imagine their excitement as they wrap up on a crisp December evening to go out on an... Elf hunt! And by order of the big man himself - Santa Claus.

The only thing that could make this even more magical would be if your streets are dressed with twinkly Christmas lights and there is a sprinkle of snow falling...

We can't promise the snowfall, but we are encouraging you to do as much as you can to make your streets look festive, get your elves sat in the windows (when they aren't up to mischief that is!) and if you don't have an elf in the window, or you want even more festivity, colour in our printables and put those in the window too! 

The lucky children who join in with this activity will finish off with a special thank-you note from Santa Claus and a keepsake certificate for joining in.

Download your printable Elf Hunt Instruction Letter here

Download your printable Elf Hunt Sheet here

Download your official participant certificate from Santa Claus here

Download colouring sheets for your windows here

Join our private Facebook Group here to share pics of your windows and hunts.

We hope this brings a touch of magic to your December, we would love you to share some photos of your Elf hunt on social media. Tag us in @elfforchristmas and use our hashtag to spread the word #huntelfforchristmas


  • Shar Kennedy

    what a fantastic idea, such a lovely thing to do with our little ones, spreading cheer is a wonderful thing, especially this year ❤🎅

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