Elf for Christmas - The inspiration & ideas behind our brand

Elf for Christmas - The inspiration & ideas behind our brand

Our enchanting elf letters and cute little Christmas Elves have been causing magical mischief since 2015, when Sarah and the elves first put on their Christmas elf hats and got to work (read more about our beginnings here.)

Christmas Elf Toys

Elf for Christmas now has a range wonderful Christmas keepsakes, stories and magical activities to delight children of all ages. Each one is made with love, care, a good sprinkling of North Pole magic and all of our products represent the following values behind the Elf for Christmas brand...

Making Christmas memories that last a lifetime

Christmas is all about traditions – putting up the tree, hanging stockings, leaving out mince pies for Santa… With Elf for Christmas we wanted to provide more opportunities for families to create lasting memories together.

Whether it is running downstairs every morning of December to see what your Christmas Elf has got up to overnight, or reading a personalised Elf letter together or little ones creating magic of their own with our wonderful Elf for Christmas activities, our products are designed to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Personalised Christmas Eve books and North Pole Golden Tickets make keepsakes that can be treasured forever and traditions that can be passed on from your generation to theirs.

Improving literacy – one elf letter at a time!

Getting children to read for fun can sometimes prove to be difficult, particularly when there are so many distractions around - at Christmastime even more so.

But - do you remember the excitement of receiving a letter as a child, now imagine a letter from an Elf at the North Pole - suddenly, reading isn’t such a chore after-all!  

Hide the letters around the house, or simply deliver them to their pillow at bedtime. Our Elf Letters provide the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with your child every night to tell them a story full of thrills, spills and candy canes.

If your child is a bit older, they can curl up and read the Elf Letters themselves  - Christmas magic they can see and touch. We have a few editions of the Elf letters and if 12 Days suits your family more than 24 days (perhaps December is really busy and 24 seems to many?) we have a half set ready for you.

Here at Elf for Christmas we feel, at a time when so many things are online, there is something very special about an envelope landing on the doormat with your name on it, containing a magical letter addressed to you…

Your little one can experience the excitement of receiving an Elf Letter addressed personally to them from Pip McJingles or an elf of your choosing.

They could even receive a letter from Santa himself!

Encouraging kindness and good behaviour – with a little elf help!

With our Elf for Christmas Magical Reward Kit we promote good behaviour through positive reinforcement. Focusing on the good stuff with stickers and report cards is a great way to start and reinforce good behaviour and kindness.

What’s more, knowing that their Christmas Elf reports directly to Santa gives your little ones even more reason to stay aim for the Nice List: there is even a personalised Nice List to reward their good work!

Whether it is positive reinforcement to help with potty training, helping around the house, homework, cleaning teeth or showing kindness, a little sticker is a great way to tally up their good effort.

Our Elf arrival letter (part of the Magical Reward Kit) explains how much the North Pole Elves love to see kindness and it's a common theme throughout our stories too. Elf has a motto 'If you be kind to others, then they will be kind to you!'

Inspiring adventure and imagination

We believe a love of reading is one of the most important gifts you can give a child, encouraging them to feel curiosity and wonder about the world. 

After reading a letter from Pip, your little ones imagination will run wild dreaming of the magic and adventure the Elves get up to at the North Pole.

We want your child to feel inspired and engage their own curiosity and wonder, excited to have adventures of their own: who knows there the North Pole could lead! 

Presenting a lovable friend - EBFFs (Elf Best Friends Forever)

Our Elf toys are carefully designed to be loved and absolutely not at all scary! A festive companion, a lovable friend - a little bit of security when things get hectic. A cuddly toy can provide so much emotional reassurance for a child.

Our quality Christmas Elves are made to be loved for years to come. We want your child to be looking forward to seeing their Elf each Christmas, and we are aiming to create something that can be passed on to younger siblings. 

Plus with sustainability becoming increasingly important, we design toys that are meant to last.

We see Elf as a character that becomes embodied in a childhood Christmas, a warm happy festive memory.

For families that would prefer not to have an elf at home, if that feels a step to far - we have Pip McJingles. A lovable friend you can grow up with, and have fun with, in the form of a North Pole Christmas pen-pal. Pip even sends birthday cards - he's a really lovely little Elf.

Creating traditions to stand the test of time

Now on it’s Sixth edition, our Elf Letters tell the ongoing adventures of Pip McJingles and his friends as they prepare for Christmas. These letters are fast becoming a popular family tradition.

Each of our letters from Pip are an original and unique instalment that develops the story further and are written to enchant, entertain and even educate your little ones.

We have customers who have been reading Pip’s adventures since the beginning and we get regular messages to tell us how much they look forward to reading the next instalment of Christmas magic as we return with a new edition each year.

Family traditions create such precious memories and it's an honour to be involved in helping families to create something speical.

Delivering something for everyone

Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect Christmas, which is we pride ourselves on offering a wonderful range of festive products, experiences and resources.

As well as our cute Christmas elves and our Advent letters from Pip, we have personalised letters for Santa, Golden Tickets, Nice Lists, Christmas story books and personalised treasure hunts.

We also provide a treasure trove of free downloadable Christmas activities, games, recipes and so much more, to help everyone find something to bring a little Christmas magic home.

Providing the highest of standards

At Elf for Christmas, all our products are built with quality, safety and the environment in mind.

Our high-quality Christmas Elves meet UK and international safety standards, with all packaging able to be recycled. 

Our personalised Elf Advent Letters and Personalised Story Books are printed on FSC or PEFC accredited paper, and we use a local print supplier who is a Certified Carbon Capture® Company, ensuring that our Elf Letters and story books are carbon balanced. 

We hope you will love our Elf for Christmas letters and toys as much as we do. Add some elf magic to your Christmas by browsing our Elf for Christmas range.


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