Personalised Santa Letters - for a touch of magic

Personalised Santa Letters - for a touch of magic

How our personalised Santa letters bring Christmas magic to the whole family...

Receiving a personalised letter from Santa Claus himself is what Christmas dreams are made of! Much like the big man himself, our Santa letters are full of magic and joy: here are five ways they are a wonderful Christmas surprise…

Personalised Santa letter

Santa Letters deliver real North Pole luxury...

Our personalised Santa letters look and feel like they’ve been made with Christmas magic (which they have of course!)

Printed on pearlescent paper, they shimmer and sparkle like Arctic snow and with a weight of 125gsm they feel like lovely North Pole quality.

Full colour and double sided, the personalised letters are folded twice and presented in a C6 kraft envelope addressed personally with your child’s name.

This colourful Christmas correspondence is finished off with a special postmark on the envelope to prove that this magical letter has come all the way from the North Pole, by Special Santa Delivery!

Direct from the man in the big red suit...

Santa Claus, Father Christmas, St Nicholas…Whatever you call him, he is the Christmas VIP!

We have made our Santa letters fully personalised so that your child will know that Santa has taken the time to write a letter especially to them.

Your Santa letter can be addressed to one or multiple children, including their name and home town.

The letter is signed by Santa, but for that extra personal touch it can also be signed by his Head Elf – with an Elf name of your choice.

With the envelope also addressed to your child, you will see the delight on their face when they realise who the personalised Santa letter is from!  

We have three personalised Santa letter themes to choose from...

Christmas has so many opportunities for magical moments, which is why we offer three different themes to make sure there is a personalised Santa letter for every situation. Also handy if you want different letters for siblings...

Thanks for your letter Santa has written a personalised reply to your child thanking them for the wonderful letter they sent him! 

Christmas Eve: Santa has taken time out from his busiest night of the year to write your child a personalised note as he calls with their presents. This one is lovely to leave in the top of their Christmas stocking.

Reassurance that Santa is real: Santa has been informed that your little one has heard the dreadful rumour that he and the North Pole elves aren’t real…so he has written a personalised letter to prove they most certainly are! Great for those wavering believers!

Each of these charming personalised letters from Santa work as standalone correspondence, or alternatively you can choose to send two or all three.

Whatever you decide, your child will love reading how Santa has noticed their good behaviour, received their letters and that Christmas magic is very much real.

We create the magic so you don't have to...

How and where your child receives their Santa letter is another way this wonderful Christmas tradition be personalised – and we leave this part up to you!

We will send their magical letter and North Pole envelope inside a plain white outer envelope addressed to you, so you can decide how you will surprise them – and there are so many wonderful ways!

Imagine how excited your child will be to find a personalised letter from Santa on their pillow, or waiting for them on the mantlepiece. Perhaps your family’s Christmas Elf could help and deliver it. Perhaps it will appear mysteriously hidden ready to be found in a cosy nook.

However you decide to do it, you will be creating wonderful Christmas memories for the whole family, with our letters from Santa becoming a tradition to continue every year.

And finally for something completely different…

New for 2022, the Dog Edition of our luxury personalised letters from Santa are a quirky alternative to our traditional letters: Santa writes to your beloved pet!

Addressed to your dog, or dogs, and personally mentioning your children by name, to confirm they are on the Nice List, Santa will explain how he is visiting on Christmas Eve and give your dog some tips on how to greet him, how to behave around the reindeer and why he can't promise play time or a sleigh ride.

Perfect for dog loving families looking for something fun, these paw-some personalised letters will make your little ones laugh ‘til their bellies shake like a bowlful of jelly.

Christmas magic starts here: order your personalised Santa letters today! Add our North Pole golden tickets, nice lists or personalised gift tags to complete the magical experience.

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