The magic behind the Elf for Christmas reward kit – what you get and how to use it!

The magic behind the Elf for Christmas reward kit – what you get and how to use it!

Our adorable Christmas Elves are known to bring magic, fun and just a little bit of mischief to the children they visit.

But the Elf for Christmas kit is so much more than the cute little Elf toy alone. They arrive fully kitted up with positive parenting goodies galore.

The reward kit is what really gives our Christmas Elf toys their magical powers.

The positive parenting philosophy behind Elf for Christmas

Positive parenting techniques have been shown in many many studies to be beneficial to children in all sorts of ways, including improving their behaviour, emotional growth, academic performance and mental health.

A major element of the positive parenting philosophy is to focus on promoting good behaviour as opposed to concentrating on bad behaviour. The principle being that children (and humans generally!) are naturally motivated to seek the attention and, crucially, the approval of their parents, friends and peers.

But positive parenting does not mean a lack of discipline. Poor behaviour is still identified and corrected, but in a way that encourages repetition of the positive behaviour, not avoidance of the punishment.

To us, it seems almost like Santa Claus has known this psychological theory all along, hence why he created his Nice List! Children aspire to behave well so they can be rewarded by earning their place on Santa’s Nice List.

It was with all this in mind that we designed our Elf for Christmas magical reward kit.

What is included in the magical reward kit

The magical reward kit comes loaded with goodies to encourage positive reinforcement.

  • Mini Elf Report cards – These dinky report cards include special little messages of congratulations from the elves for when children have been “shiny stars”, have been particularly kind or are behaving well. We also include two official warnings as a gentle nudge to let children know that Santa has heard about their “whoops” moments.
  • Official Nice List Certificates – When your little one has been especially good, they might earn an official Good Behaviour Award signed by Santa Claus himself! These include space to personalise the certificate with your child's name and a description of exactly what they have achieved. (If you’d like to top up your Christmas certificates, also have lots of extra ones you can download and print out for free from the website here.)
  • Christmas Reward Chart and a sheet of Elf Stickers – The Elf for Christmas reward chart can be personalised with your child's name and you can specify the tasks you would like them to try. This might be helping out with household chores, tidying, reading, being kind or even potty training. Reward charts are a fun way to reward kids for their good behaviour every day. Our reward chart has several columns so it can be shared between two children.

Also included in the kit are an arrival letter from Santa, which can be personalised with your little one’s name; two templates for your child’s own letter to Santa; a reversible Beware of the Elf / Santa Please Stop Here sign to put up in your window or hang on the door; a departure letter from your Elf toy for when he or she goes back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve; and a thank-you postcard from your Elf toy to thank your little one for their hospitality once Elf is safely back at the North Pole in January.

Available with a choice of a girl Elf toy or boy Elf toy, our magical reward kits are designed to be used by up to two children, so siblings can share one kit. Larger families may require extra refill kits, which are available here.

You can find our Christmas Elf toys, magical reward kits and lots of other Elf for Christmas goodies here.

December will never be the same again!

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