Why letters from an elf should be your new Christmas tradition

Why letters from an elf should be your new Christmas tradition

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without those special customs we follow every year! Receiving letters from an elf called Pip McJingles is a wonderful tradition to add to your celebrations, here’s why…

A sprinkle of North Pole magic

Our gorgeous Christmas elf letters truly have the look and feel of something made in Santa’s workshop. Beautifully illustrated and printed on high quality 120gsm paper, they make lovely keepsakes you will treasure forever.

“Pip makes Christmas special” - Lisa D

Togetherness and family time

Christmas can be hectic, so reading the letters from Pip the elf every day gives you a chance to snuggle up and be together during this special (but busy!) time.

“I have been purchasing these for nine years for my granddaughter and she can now read them herself, when I asked her mum should I cease buying them her immediate reply was a resounding no! The reason was that she enjoys reading the too” – Vicky H

Promotes reading

It can sometimes be hard to encourage children to read but introduce them to the magical world of the North Pole and they’ll be hooked! Our Christmas elf letters work equally well read to the children, or something for older children to read on their own.

“Love Love Love these letters” – Debbie L

Inspire their imaginations

From magical creatures to the day-to-day goings-on in Santa’s workshop, our letters from an elf are bursting with ideas and adventure – everything young minds need to have ideas and adventures of their own! 

“It’s the first thing they look for everyday during December, we make lovely memories and we talk about what we think might happen next or we laugh at Pip’s latest antics” – Jodie M

Thumbs up for kindness

Read our Christmas elf letters and you’ll soon learn that the North Pole gang are a friendly bunch who always look out for one another. Children will be enchanted by the big-hearted characters - from Pip, who always goes out of this way to help others, to Sprout the dog who is always causing mischief (even when he doesn’t mean to!)

“I have loved reading these to my children and I can’t wait to start again in December thank you 😊” – Jodie M

Christmas elf letter bundles to suit you

We have three sets of letters from Pip the elf to choose from:

Standard edition: 24 individual Christmas elf letters

Personalised edition: 24 individual Christmas elf letters addressed personally to your child/children

Personalised 12 Days of Christmas edition: 12 individual Christmas elf letters addressed personally to your child/children

Find out more in our ultimate guide to Christmas elf letters here.

To elf or not to elf

If you have a Christmas elf causing mischief in your home then having your children also receive letters from an elf opens up an additional source of festive fun. If you don’t have a Christmas elf, then our Christmas letters means your children have their very own elf penpal!

“They are magical and have made both my children so happy they feel really special that they get their own elf writing to them every year” – Jodie M

Brand new (yummy) surprises

Every Christmas we think of something to make our elf letters more special, but this year really takes the biscuit – or rather, chocolate!

We are really excited to introduce the Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar, a yummy milk chocolate bar that actually appears in this year’s letters from Pip the elf! Yes, this year the elves open their own sweet shop and in Letter 24 (Christmas Eve) they invent Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar.

What could be more exciting than reading about the chocolate bar then receiving one of your very own?!

Twinkly and sprinkly, the Twinkle Sprinkle Chocolate Bar works as a lovely add-on to the elf letters, or as a delightful treat in it own right.

Brand new adventures

Now in their seventh edition, our Christmas elf letters for 2023 feature brand new stories featuring Pip and his friends, including some troublesome mice, the North Pole parade and so much more!

However, while this new set of adventures work as a standalone series they also reward readers of previous editions with returning characters and references to earlier storylines, so our letters from an elf are perfect for returning readers and newbies alike.

“Brilliantly written and love how they include things from the years before.” – Debbie L

Learn cool stuff

At Elf for Christmas we like sharing fun and magic from all around the world, so we make sure Pip includes lots of interesting facts in his letters. Whether it’s a different Christmas custom from another culture or how to locate the North Star, we think a letter from an elf is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new.

Letters from an elf called Pip: the perfect countdown to Christmas

Whether you choose the 12 days or full 24 days edition, our elf letters are a lovely addition to your Christmas countdown. Full of giggles, magic and warmth, they will be a Christmas tradition you look forward to every year.

“Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without our daily letter from Pip” - Lisa D


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