Elf Props Book - 24 day elf kit with inspiration for your elf ideas!

View our 24 days of elf ideas and inspiration using the Elf Props Book!

Now that you have your Elf Props Book, you're all set for a magical December of easy elf ideas. To help you along, see how your 24 elf ideas could look when set up with your elf - complete with a few optional extras that you might like to add.

In your book you will see some pages have a corresponding sticker you can use too... 

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Day 1 - Countdown to Christmas

Elf ideas printable props

This elf countdown will help you and your little elf keep track of the sleeps til Christmas! Cut out and stick together and set out with your elf starting on number 24. Turn it each day until you get all the way down to one sleep - exciting!

If you'd like to also leave out a welcome letter or 'We're back' postcard, please see our printables or check out our refill kits for arrival and departure letters.

Day 2 - Carol Sheets

Elf printable choir sheet christmas music

Linked to our letters, today we have the North Stars Elf Choir Sheet for Jingle Elves, which is sung to the tune of Jingle Bells! How festive. If you have any musical instruments, you could leave them out with your elf, or set up some soft toys as an audience for the choir singers. The lead carol singer also has a sticker to wear!

Day 3 - Star Gazing

Elf printable star gazing set

Elves love nothing more than a spot of star gazing. Roll up the Shooting Star Magic Team telescope, cut out the star-spotting guide and leave elf at the window. If you have any books about space, or any other human-sized telescopes or binoculars you could add those too.

Day 4 - Sweet Treats

Elf sweet treat printable bag North Pole

Elves love sweets and all of the best sweets come from Jolly BonBon's Grotto at the North Pole. Cut out your elf-sized sweety bag and fill it with something sweet from around the house. Scatter a few around - elves are known to be messy creatures!

Day 5 - Game Time

Printable Elf game prop idea

Elves love playing games. Cut out and set up this Christmas 3 in a row game. If you have any other little games you can leave out that elf might have been playing, add those too. What about setting up a cuddly toy your elf has played their games with?

Day 6 - Morning News

Printable North Pole Newspaper

Elf needs to keep up with what has been happening back at home. The local newspaper isn't much good, elf has gone straight for the North Pole News. Cut out those reading glasses too!

Day 7 - Movie Night

Christmas Elf Movie Night Printable

It's time for a night in, cut out and set up the movie sign, tickets and popcorn box. Add some popcorn and put elf in front of the TV, perhaps they even grabbed the remote?

Day 8 - Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

Elf printable pin the nose on the reindeer

The old games are the best! Cut out the reindeer poster and find the red nose stickers. We have included a few spare red nose stickers so you can set it up that elf has missed a few times! Blindfold elf with any ribbon, toilet roll or anything you have around the house, and set up a game of 'Pin the Nose on the Reindeer!' Elf could be playing alone or with a few cuddly toy friends.

Day 9 - Take Away Time

Elf takeaway printable prop

We all love a cosy night in and a takeaway. This isn't pizza or a Chinese, this is the Marshmallow Fly Thru takeaway with all your Christmas favourites! Marshmallows, mince pies, sprouts!? Cut out your menu and your takeaway tray and add whatever little treat you fancy to your Scrumdidlyumptios takeaway tray.

Day 10 - Sleigh Manual

Printable elf prop Santa sleigh manual

It's sleigh repair day. Cut out and leave elf reading the sleigh manual, and if you want to add a little extra, a few nuts, bolts and small tools would make it more authentic! I hope elf remembers to put those nuts and bolts back on the sleigh before Christmas Eve!

Day 11 - Mrs Claus's Cook Book

Mrs Claus Recipe Book Elf printable

Cut out the rolling pin and recipe book and leave elf with some baking mess today. This is a genuine Yule Log recipe, straight from Mrs Claus so if you fancy it, why not have a go at baking your own? Perhaps your little one can wear the baker's sticker badge?

Day 12 - Twister

Elf Twister Printable Elf Game

Everyone loves Twister! Cut out the board and splat elf down on to it - or tangle up elf's legs with another toy who was playing too? If you have the real Twister, leave that out too so the humans can play along with elf!

Day 13 - What's in your cracker

Elf printable christmas cracker prop kit

Cut out all the contents of a Christmas cracker and set up with your elf. North Pole fashion designer elf, Coco Chanelf (from our magical letters) has designed this year's Christmas party hats. Don't you think elf looks dashing in the little moustache? If you have a spare Christmas cracker to leave for elf to pull, that would really set off these props!

Day 14 - Sleepover

Elf printable prop sleepover

Don't worry elves are no trouble at a sleepover! Cut out the 'Do Not Disturb' lay on an eye mask and set out their checklist. If you have any of the extras on the checklist, leave them alongside elf - a toothbrush, hot chocolate, Christmas stories books or a torch all work well. Elf might also like to use a fluffy sock as a sleeping bag tonight.

Day 15 - Winter Olympics

Printable Elf Snowball Team Kit

Who is the best snowball maker? Cut out the medal, it is the perfect size for elf. Add the target and scatter some mini snowballs - these could be marshmallows, white smarties (we like the red and white Christmas smarties for a couple of props!), or even just cotton wool or little paper balls. Don't forget the Snowball Team Training Guide, you can try out your snowman stretches and shooting star jumps today!

Day 16 - Let's Decorate

Elf printable decorations

A good one for when you're getting out your Christmas decorations - the elf is decorating too! Cut out all the baubles, stockings and wreath and let elf do a little decorating of their own. The red and green strips make a paper chain, start this off and let your little ones finish it for their elf. Elf can wear the Chief decorator's badge sticker too!

Day 17 - Selfie Frame

Elfie selfie printable frame

Cheeky elf has been taking selfies on your phone! Who did he pose with? Was it other toys, or was it your little one while they were asleep? Did Elf even manage to get some selfies with the grown-ups asleep?!

Day 18 - Elf Magic

 Elf Magic Plate

Elf has brought the magic plate from Jolly BonBon's Grotto. Cut out with the sign and leave elf with something 'not very exciting' and then wait for it to magically turn into something 'VERY EXCITING!' You can use anything you have around the house - here are some ideas:

  • an egg magically turns into a chocolate egg
  • a savoury biscuit magically turns into a chocolate biscuit
  • mini marshmallows magically turn into giant marshmallows
  • a normal match into a chocolate matchstick
  • an orange magically turns into a chocolate orange
  • a small Celebration / Heroes sweet magically turns into a full size version
  • red and white Smarties magically turn into a candy cane!

So much magic can be performed!

Day 19 - Art Class

Elf Printable Art Class

Cut out and set elf up with art supplies. If you have any real art supplies you can add these to today's set up and add some art to the mini elf canvas. A smudge of paint on a crafting mat or any other pictures you'd like to create can be added too.

Day 20 - Forest Adventure

Printable North Pole Map Elf Sized

Cut out the North Pole Adventure Company map today, and then cut out the little tree (and star!) Elf has been out in the North Pole forest selecting a tree. Perhaps you have a tree and can leave it alongside your tree? Perhaps you can leave some little bits of tree offcuts from elf's adventure?

Day 21 - Letter Delivered

Santa Letter Delivered Elf Printable

Make sure you have already written to Santa - otherwise it's getting a bit late to organise the sleigh! Santa has sent elf with this 'Letter Received' receipt. And not only that, Santa was so impressed with your little one's neat writing, he's also sent an optional reward token. Cut out the notes - cookies and hot chocolate can also be left out if you wish!

Day 22 - Gardening Guide

Printable gardening elf set

If you read our letters, you will know that Albert Tinchymarsh is head of gardening at the North Pole. Cut out the gardening tips, and cut, fold and stick the seed packet. Add a few orange smarties, tic tacs or anything that could pass as a carrot seed, then add a few little carrots and you have an elf that's grown a snowman's nose! You could add some compost or plant pots if you wish. Elf can wear the gardeners badge sticker too!

Day 23 - Funny Face Stickers

Use your imagination and set up the funny face stickers on anything you wish. They could all be together or they could be hidden around the house. Use them on picture frames to make photos look funny, use them in the fruit bowl, on eggs, milk bottles or on other soft toys! Cheeky elf could even have some on too!

Day 24 - Hide and seek

Hide elf today. Then, wherever your child last saw elf, start with a 'THIS WAY' sticker, point the stickers around the house, leaving a trail that leads them to their elf! Or if you are delivering any kind of Christmas Eve treat, you could have elf at the start of the trail with the 'ELF IS HERE' sticker and use the arrows to help them find their Christmas Eve treat. Have fun!

Merry Christmas x