North Pole Breakfast - Christmas Porridge


If your Elf is planning on serving up a North Pole breakfast this year, this recipe for Christmas porridge from the very talented Beth Sachs is perfect.

In case you're wondering what a North Pole breakfast is, it's a special (and, most importantly, delicious) Christmas-themed breakfast prepared for you by your visiting elves.

North Pole breakfasts can appear any day throughout December, but lots of elves like to whip them up when they first arrive on December 1. It's always nice when house guests arrive with a gift for the host!

Christmas porridge is the ideal addition to the North Pole breakfast. It's easy to prepare, but is also completely delicious (and healthy too).

Beth creates wonderful and delicious recipes on her website Jam & Clotted Cream – and as a mum of three littlies, she also knows a thing or two about cooking with kids!


North Pole Breakfast - Christmas porridge


Serves 2.


100g Porridge Oats

600ml Milk

For the Reindeer Porridge:
2 Strawberries
4 Blueberries
4 Pretzels

For the Snowman Porridge:
1 Banana sliced
2 Kiwi Fruits – peeled, sliced and halved
2 Strawberries
Pomegranate Seeds



Put the porridge oats and water in a pan and bring to a boil, turn down to a simmer and stir for 3 minutes until thickened. Pour into 2 bowls.

Decorate with the fruit as per the pictures.

We’d love to know what your Elf prepares for your North Pole breakfast. You can share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.