Christmas Elf Ideas

So Elf has arrived safely, the arrival Letter from Santa has been read out and Elf has settled into your family well. Now the mischief can begin! We’ve put together a list of unique, fun Christmas Elf ideas to get the magic and mayhem started.

But what will Elf get up to? Although the Elf for Christmas is there to report back to Santa Claus on any mischief that the children get up to, we must make you aware these Elves can be very mischievous too!

We have some fun Christmas Elf ideas here, but if you follow us on FacebookPinterest and Instagram, we will post even more new Elf ideas and photos in the run up to Christmas to keep you entertained. 

8 Fun Christmas Elf Ideas

Playing with the Toys
One of the old favourite Christmas Elf ideas! Elf rides on trains, has tea with Barbie, reads stories, tries on Mr Potato Head’s accessories and builds amazing Lego towers.

Elf Gets Creative
Your Christmas Elf loves to get the crayons out. You can often find him drawing pictures and writing notes, surrounded by crayons or pencils. Elves are very artistic, you know.

Face Painting
While the family sleep, Elf has been known to sneak into bedrooms and paint the faces of sleeping children! Imagine the excitement of waking up and looking in the mirror to see you have magically been painted while you are asleep. 

Gets Stuck!
Put Elf in some sticky situations with one of our funniest Christmas Elf ideas – when Elf gets stuck! You may have to rescue Elf some mornings, especially when Elf has tried to get into the biscuit tin. We have found our Elf with legs poking out of cereal boxes, totally trapped in a sweetie jar and even squashed under piles of fruit. Sometimes Elf just bites off more than he can chew.

Bringing Snow Back from the North Pole
Snow (flour or talc, but sssshhhh don't tell anyone) is sometimes mysteriously by our front door when Elf stays with us. We believe that Elf sneaks back to the North Pole during the night to tell Santa what has been happening. But when Elf arrives home, snowy footprints can leave a magical trail across the hall.

Wraps Parcels
One of our more helpful Christmas Elf ideas involves Elf helping you wrap presents. However, you will find Elf can get into an awful tangle with sellotape and wrapping paper. You have been warned.

Funny Graffiti
We mentioned that Elves are creative. They also enjoy a bit of funny graffiti. They may countdown to Christmas on the bathroom mirror with toothpaste or lipstick. Just so you don't forget... One day our Elf had drawn glasses and a moustache on a photo of our Baby Boy!

Texting Friends
Sometimes while we are at work and school, Elf gets hold of mum's mobile and texts friends. It's quite funny to read through the conversations that Elf has with Rudolph, Santa, other Elves or the tooth fairy! Although Elves have small hands, they are actually really good at texting.

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  • Sarah

    Hi Emma, just change the name in your phone, or your friend, partner or whoever, to Santa or too Rudolph, then get them texting you as though they are talking to Elf!! Switch it back when you have done a few & made it convincing :)

  • Emma

    I love the idea of the text messages but how can you do that please x

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