Christmas Elf Blog

Christmas crafts - download our free Elf finger puppet printable

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2019-11-18
Fill up those dark and chilly winter days with some bright and cheerful Christmas crafting! Download our free printable Elf finger puppet template and get creative.

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What do Elves do in other countries? Christmas traditions around the world

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-12-04
Find out what the other Elves get up to during December and explore the globe with these 6 Christmas traditions from around the world!

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Did you forget to move the Elf? 5 reasons Elf doesn’t move

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-12-01
If you forgot to move your Christmas Elf last night, don't worry. We have 5 simple reasons why Elf forgot to move right here!

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Reward good behaviour with our free Christmas certificates!

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-11-28

Encourage good behaviour every day of December with our free printable Christmas certificates! The perfect way to make sure your little ones are on Santa's Nice List.

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Your December to do list – free printable for advent activity ideas

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-11-27
Looking for ideas to fill the days throughout December? Our December to do list is just what you need – a different idea for advent activities to fill every day up to Christmas!

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