Kindness Elves - 5 Acts of kindness to show your Christmas Elf

Did you know that your Christmas Elf loves to be kind?

That is why Santa sends Elves to report on children, because Elves know how important it is to be kind and helpful, especially leading up to Christmas. We asked Papa Elf what he thinks are the kindest Christmas activities he’s heard from Elves when they stay with families. Here are Papa Elf's favourites:

Bake Christmas treats for someone else...

Elves love to share the Christmas spirit, what better way than to bake some Christmas cookies or gingerbread men and share them with someone who needs some extra Christmas spirit. Even better, make a hot meal to take to someone and stay with them a while to enjoy it with them. Let them tell you their favourite Christmas tradition. What about a neighbour, friend or relative? I am sure they would love to see you.

Make another child happy on Christmas morning...

Every child deserves a toy on Christmas morning, especially those on the Nice List! Some children aren’t as lucky as others, so this year, you can help Santa by giving a gift yourself. This act of kindness involves you donating a new Christmas gift to an organisation or charity who will make sure the presents get added to Santa’s sack and given to those special children around the world. Santa has collection points all over, there are often local appeals in your local supermarket or charity shops.

Here is some to get you started...

Barnardo's Argos Toy Exchange

Samaritan's Operation Christmas Child

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing out loud for all to hear...

This Christmas activity is a loud one! Visit a relative or even somewhere like a nursing home or a hospital (make sure you get permission first!) and sing them your favourite Christmas carols and songs. Bring your friends or family members too and really spread some Christmas spirit. Enjoy!

Remember a loved one with a special bauble...

You can decorate a bauble to hang on the tree so a loved one who lives far away or who is no longer around can be remembered and still be a part of your family Christmas. There are lots of ways to decorate Christmas baubles and make Christmas decorations, check out the Christmas activities on our blog

Share with others!

Most well behaved children will receive lots of lovely gifts this Christmas, wouldn’t it be lovely if you could share some of your old toys and clothes with a child who might want them more than you? Sharing is just as important as being kind to others. A really kind Christmas activity is to have a look through all your toys you don’t play with anymore and the clothes that you’ve grown out of and see what you could give to a charity to donate to another little boy or girl. That would be so kind. Talk to your local charity shop about donations.

As long as you’re being helpful, kind and keeping up the Christmas spirit then your little Christmas Elf and Santa will be really pleased. 

Doing any of these Christmas activities will definitely help get you on the Nice List!

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