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Reward good behaviour with our free Christmas certificates!

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-11-28

Encourage good behaviour every day of December with our free printable Christmas certificates! The perfect way to make sure your little ones are on Santa's Nice List.

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Have a sweet Easter on Elf for Christmas, with our cracking competition!

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-03-24

Easter is our second favourite holiday of the year here at Elf for Christmas – all those fluffy bunnies, cute lambs and chocolate eggs – what’s not to love?! To celebrate, we’ve got a tasty bundle of chocolate goodies up for grabs for one lucky Elf fan. Read on to find out how to enter our cracking Easter competition!

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Elf celebrates National Hugging Day on January 21 with 5 fun hug facts!

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2017-01-18

Elf_for_Christmas_national_hugging_dayNational Hugging Day is celebrated annually on January 21, but Elf for Christmas thinks everyone should get to enjoy hugs every day! Read on to learn why they’re so good for you.

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Elf for Christmas celebrates World Food Day 2016 on October 16

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2016-10-16
Find out what World Food Day 2016 is all about and how you can get involved in helping to combat hunger, in Elf for Christmas’s blog.

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Free Printable Elf Ideas Christmas Planner

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2015-09-03
Download our free printable Elf antics planner to help you plan and keep track of the mischief your Elf gets up to!

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