Christmas Elf Activities for Older Children

Christmas Elf Activities for Older Children

Just because your little ones aren’t so little anymore, doesn’t mean that Christmas is any less magical. When you have the ability to make the magic more relevant to their age group and interests, it can really bring the story to life and keep those special times going for a bit longer!

Here we’ve brought together a few of our favourite Christmas Elf activities for older children.

Elfie Selfie

Elves like to take selfies too you know. Help Elf to change the background wallpaper on all the children’s devices such as computer, tablet or phone. If they don’t have any of their own, Elf could always change it on the grown-ups items instead! Perhaps Elf brings some accomplices to join the mischief, a group photo with Barbie or teddy too?

Night Owl

We know Elves are most active during the night, so when else would they get chance to watch their favourite tv programmes? When your children wake up and find Elf surrounded in chocolate bar wrappers and DVD boxes with the TV paused watching a favourite film… this one is great for using your child’s favourite film collection. Elf sometimes calls all their friends and has a movie marathon! It’s just a shame that they don’t tidy up after themselves. Did they eat a whole box of biscuits??

Christmas Elf Antics

Picasso Elf

Everyone looks better with a moustache, glasses and freckles don’t they? Elf has been known to work his way round the house and add decorative graffiti and funny or festive notes to family photos (using a dry wipe marker of course!) Or perhaps you might find a hat, fangs or glasses on the mirror??

Christmas Elf Mischief

Social Elf

Elf likes to keep in contact with friends at the North Pole but also other Elves staying with other families around the world. If they can’t get access to a computer overnight they might just make a sneaky phone call or send a text message… 

Christmas Elf Antics

Elf the Wrapper

Elf might have got the name of this Christmas elf activity a bit confused, as instead of making music, he makes mischief, again! Elf has been known to wrap up individual shoes, pairs of socks and pants, school uniforms, as well as the TV remote… all in the most festive wrapping paper to be found. Elves need to keep practising ready for wrapping toys at Christmas you know!

 Christmas can be extra special if your child really believes in the magic, we have just the trick to help them truly believe… Our Personalised emails from Santa! Fill in some of your child’s details such as their best friend’s name, key landmarks that Rudolph might notice on their flight over, plus what they want for Christmas and let Santa send them emails throughout December! Watch their little faces as they read or are told what Santa has been hearing about them and let the magic continue another year!

Need some help planning all your Christmas elf activities for this year? You can use our free printable Christmas elf activities planner!

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