Christmas Elf Blog

Did you forget to move the Elf? 5 reasons Elf doesn’t move

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-12-01
If you forgot to move your Christmas Elf last night, don't worry. We have 5 simple reasons why Elf forgot to move right here!

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Our 2018 Elf planner for all your Elf antics!

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-11-07
Keep track of your favourite Elf ideas with our brand-new 2018 Elf Planner! Perfect for organising all those Elf antics in one handy place.

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The 5 best Elf ideas to prove elves really are magical!

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-10-05
Looking for magical Elf ideas that will make your little one’s jaw drop? We’ve picked 5 of the best Elf magic ideas to inspire your mischievous little visitor this December!

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A fun and festive guide to the Christmas Elf door

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-09-26
Find out the magic behind the Elf door, plus our favourite Christmas Elf door ideas for a fun-filled December!

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10 funny Elf ideas that will have your little ones giggling ‘til Christmas

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2018-08-01

Looking for funny Elf ideas? Here are 10 of our favourite ideas for mischief that are guaranteed to raise a giggle from your little Elf fans!

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