24 funny and naughty Elf Ideas that little ones will love!

24 funny and naughty Elf Ideas that little ones will love!

Check out our creative and naughty Elf ideas and make your Christmas countdown a one to remember!

Everyone knows how mischievous our magical Christmas Elf toys can be. Here at Elf for Christmas, we hear reports from homes all over the country about the antics those little imps get up to throughout December. We've heard some of the naughtiest shenanigans those troublesome little Elves try, causing chaos and lots of fun in the countdown to the Big Day.

We’ve collected a few of the best Elf ideas to make exciting elfish mischief every day in the countdown to the Big Day. But whatever you do, don’t let your own Elf toy see this list. The last thing you want to do is go and give your Christmas Elf ideas for his own mischief to make in your home!

These naughty Elf ideas should particularly appeal to younger children.

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Make sure to check out our Elf Ideas gallery too for lots more inspiration for mischief and antics.

Naughty Elf ideas for 25 days of mischief

December 1:

Your Christmas Elf arrives

Those magical Christmas Elves have been known to turn up in people’s houses in all sorts of funny ways. Maybe yours will be bursting out of a gift box, throwing confetti or glitter everywhere as she does so? Or perhaps he could have climbed down the chimney just like Santa, only for your little one to find him nibbling on a mince pie by the fireplace? What a naughty Elf!


December 2:

Elf makes some new friends

The other toys have got the tea set out to make your Christmas Elf feel right at home with a friendly tea party. This might seem like one of our lovelier Elf ideas, but we can't guarantee your mischievous Elf won't nab a few extra biscuits behind your back. Perhaps he's dropped a few crumbs on the carpet, too.



December 3:

Uh oh! Elf’s found the food cupboard!

Your mischievous Christmas Elf has only gone and pulled the flour out of Mummy and Daddy’s kitchen cupboard, sprinkled it all over the bench and lain down in it to make snow angels! Naughty Elf!


December 4:

Elf leads a conga

Your Christmas Elf is the life and soul of the party with the other toys! He’s leading them all in a conga line across the lounge!


December 5:

Mummy’s make-up bag gets raided…

The flour angels was just the start of the mischievous pranks. One of our naughty Elf ideas involves Mummy's make-up bag. Elf's only gone and got the lipstick out and coloured in everyone’s noses while they were sleeping to look like Rudolph!


December 6:

Elf builds a toilet roll snowman

That magical Christmas Elf has gone and got all arty, stacking up the toilet rolls and drawing a snowman face, scarf and buttons on them. We hope he doesn't make the bathroom too messy...


December 7:

Elf’s on a roll… down the stairs!

Uh oh! This is what happens when you play with loo roll at the top of the stairs. Silly Elf’s going to have a sore head after this little accident!



December 8

Elf has Christmas all wrapped up

One of our more helpful Elf ideas sees Elf practising his present wrapping skills. Well, he tried to help – but he’s far too impish for that. Elf has only gone and wrapped up the sofa!


December 9

A sticky situation…

Elf’s present wrapping has got out of hand – she’s now pulled the sellotape out of the drawer but got herself in a right pickle in the process! It's a bit of a sticky situation for our playful Elf.



December 10:

Revving up for a race

Naughty Elf’s been getting the other toys involved in his antics again – this time they’ve got all the toy cars lined up ready to race across the kitchen floor! It's a race to the finish line, but who will win?


December 11:

Cooking up a storm

Your mischievous Christmas Elf has been busy in the kitchen again – this time she’s got all the pots and pans out of the cupboards and left them lying all over the place! Honestly, as if Mummy and Daddy haven’t got enough to do on a morning without tidying this lot up! Perhaps this is one of our naughty Elf ideas you could do without...


December 12:

Zip-line adventure!

Weeeee! Elf’s found the tinsel and has hung it up right the way across the ceiling so she can whizz along it like a zip-line! Looks like lots of fun!


December 13:

Snowball fight!

Things are getting out of hand with Elf leading the other toys into mischief. Now Elf has gone and got himself in a marshmallow snowball fight with the rest of them! Marshmallows all over the place!


December 14:

Elf has a midnight snack

That naughty Christmas Elf just can’t stay away from the kitchen, it seems. He’s done himself a mischief this time, getting his head stuck escaping from the cereal box. Perhaps he's scattered a few porridge oats on the floor too.


December 15:

Elf puts on a Christmas pant-o

One of our funniest Christmas Elf ideas! That naughty little Elf has raided everyone’s knicker drawers and strewn pants all over the Christmas tree! Talk about bare-faced cheek!


December 16:

Shoe line

The toys have been playing with Elf again – he's definitely been leading them astray. This time, the toys have got all of the shoes out of the shoe cupboard and have lined them up for a shoe conga down the hallway.


December 17:

Baby it’s cold outside

Your Christmas Elf must have been feeling the cold last night – he’s pulled everyone’s scarves out and wrapped himself up nice and warm! What a mess he's made of all the winter woollies!



December 18:

Story time

Your Christmas Elf must have realised things have been getting out of hand with the other toys, so to calm things down he’s sat them all down to read a nice Christmas story together. But Elf still has a little mischief inside of him - when everyone goes to bed, he ends up throwing some books on the floor!



December 19:

Elf’s getting arty

Your naughty Christmas Elf really does want to show you he's turned over a new leaf. The Elf has come up with a great idea to keep the kids entertained for a while – he’s printed out a whole load of our Elf for Christmas colouring-in sheets for them! He’s even had a go at a couple himself…



December 20:

Printer prankster

Oh dear. We knew he wouldn't last very long. Now that your naughty Christmas Elf has worked out how to operate the printer, he’s going mad with it! He’s only gone and photocopied himself!


December 21:

All of a tangle

Oh dear, poor little Elf has got himself in a right tangle with the fairy lights! He shouldn't have been trying to scamper all the way up to the top. He should really stay away from that Christmas tree…


December 22:

Pint-sized problems

Your Christmas Elf must have been thirsty – but just look what’s happened! Was he trying to steal the last of the milk? After this naughty Elf idea, he's in a spot of bother, that's for sure!



December 23:

Christmas movie night

Ahh, how sweet – Elf has got all the toys gathered around the TV to watch their favourite Christmas DVDs together. He’s even handing round the popcorn. Looks like they’ve had loads of fun! Perhaps your Elf really has given up his mischievous side.


December 24:

Elf leaves a farewell gift

Elf has had so much fun staying with you in December, but now it’s time for him to go back to the North Pole. But as a thank you for looking after him so well, he’s left you all some lovely Christmas pyjamas to snuggle up in tonight! What a lovely, kind Christmas Elf he is!



Tell us your naughty Elf ideas!

We’d love to hear what mischief your magical Elf for Christmas toy gets up to in December! Show us your naughty and nice Elf ideas in the comments below. Or you can tweet us at @elfforchristmas, post them on our Facebook page, or tag us on your Instagram pics using elfforchristmas. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ElfForChristmas too!


  • Dexter

    My elf LOVES food
    23/11/20 Elf with spaghetti
    25/11/20 Elf in a cereal box
    8/12/20 Elf hangs on his leg holding crisps.

  • Charlotte

    Shrinking the treats. Your naughty elf has got into the treat cupboard. They have shrunk all the crisps and sweets.

  • Lennox

    O oh

    Elfie has been gardening and he has only gone and buried himself

  • freyja christie (ages 11)

    I think a good idea is called ‘I stole your pocket money ’and you grab some pennies or whatever money as your child’s pocket money and sellotape it to your elf and write a not saying’ i have your pocket money and to ear it you have to ………. then on the dotted line you put whatever they have to money then they will want it even more and do what they were asked to do. fairy o to earn it. if yous ay that ist magic

  • Jazz 🍉

    Elves have a bath in marshmellows

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