Elf Letter 2021 Magic Planner!

Elf Letter 2021 Magic Planner!

Are you using the Fifth Edition of our Advent Elf Letters this year? You might find this little guide handy - a list of 24 ideas of little props that you can put out with the elf letters, to make them even more magical!

Each item suggested relates to the story in that days letter. You don't have to do this and you don't have to do it every day - but it could be fun now and then!

Here's the list or you can download the handy PDF printable here!

Day 1 - Today the elves make a Gingerbread House - a little sprinkle of icing sugar may have been spilled near the letter.

Day 2 - Squirrels have been called in to harvest chestnuts - there are chestnuts EVERYWHERE!

Day 3 - The elves are toy-making and working on dominoes. The day ends with a fizzy bath - maybe your Elf has left a bath bomb for you to try!

Day 4 - Christmas light testing and a power cut - the elves have left out some of their tools and things for making repairs.

Day 5 - The elves are knitting - maybe leave a scrap of wool – or, if you have one, a long knitted sock!

Day 6 - Cookie has a wonky antler, - the elves smarten him up with a nicely knitted sock. Maybe they’ve gone through the socks in your house to see if there are any suitable for antlers?

Day 7 - The elves have left you some sprouts out to make your own magical green potion! Maybe Elf will be wearing a peg on their nose to protect against the reindeer’s pumping power.

Day 8 - The elves’ new robot has left glitter everywhere.

Day 9 - The elves’ game of hide and seek has resulted in rainbow-coloured sprinkles getting everywhere – they’re even inside your letter’s envelope!

Day 10 - Elf finds an egg in a nest made of hay, pine cones and moss with a large egg. Some of the straw has even made it into your house.

Day 11 - Mrs Claus is knitting a red scarf. Somehow, her knitting needles and red wool have been left with your elf!

Day 12 - Elf’s best friend has an eye test and a secret snack of mince pies. Oh look, the elves have kindly shared a mince pie with you.

Day 13 - The tinsel-making machine has gone crazy and left tinsel all over your house!

Day 14 - The elves have made a telescope to look at the man in the moon. Maybe they’ve left you a picture of what they saw?

Day 15 - Making Christmas crackers. Maybe the elves have left you a spare cracker?

Day 16 - It’s a really snowy day at the North Pole. It might not be as snowy where you are, so the elves have sent you some pretend snow (ie cotton wool balls!) to play with instead.

Day 17 - The elves have found a map showing them where to find the Silver Snowflake. And look, they’ve left you a map showing you where to find a hidden treat in your house!

Day 18 - The elves have been packing colouring pencils today – they had a few left over so they’ve left them for you to draw a lovely picture with.

Day 19 - There’s been trouble in the wrapping department today. The cheeky elves have left all the left-over sticky tape, paper, ribbons and bows out for you to clean up! What a mess!

Day 20 - Your kind elf has left you all the ingredients for a delicious hot chocolate so you can join in with the fun of their sleepover.

Day 21 - The baby penguin has hatched at the North Pole. Maybe they’ve dropped some little feathers or even an egg shell by your letter?

Day 22 - The penguin has discovered the joy of chocolate coins – they’ve sent you some to try for yourself.

Day 23 - The elves have finally found the Silver Snowflake. They’ve left you some homemade paper snowflakes, along with coloured paper and scissors so you can make your own too!

Day 24 - The Nice List bell rang for you at the North Pole, so it’s the perfect day to receive a Nice List Certificate or one of our free printable certificates.

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