Reward good behaviour with our free Christmas certificates!

Reward good behaviour with our free Christmas certificates!

Our Christmas Elves might get up to some mischief from time to time, but what they really love is good behaviour. Reward your little ones for their acts of kindness with our free Christmas certificates! They’re perfect for encouraging good deeds throughout the whole of December and are sure to get you on Santa’s Nice List.

All our Christmas certificates are from the official Department of Elf Surveillance, so your little ones will really believe their Elf has been watching. They are also stamped with Santa’s seal of approval and signed by the Big Man himself!

If you’re ready to reward good behaviour now, head straight over to our Christmas certificates here. What’s best of all, they are completely free to download and print at home.

Christmas certificates for all good deeds

Our festive rewards are great for keeping little ones out of mischief. You can save that for the Elves!

We have Christmas certificates for every good deed and for all the family. Perhaps your children have been nice to their siblings and deserve a Kind Big Brother or Big Sister award. We even have a certificate for World’s Best Dad, so your children can share the magic with daddy too!

Maybe your mini Elves have been extra-good at school or in their after-school clubs. If so, they surely need a Top of the Class, Top Footballer or Top Dancer award.

We have other Christmas certificates to encourage more good behaviour around the home, too. If your child has been a Happy Helper or a Brilliant Reader, you can show them how much Santa approves with a personalised reward!

Simply click on the Christmas printable you like best, then download and print for free. You can reward your child as many times as you like and keep that good behaviour going all the way up until the Big Day!

More Christmas printables for every day in December

Don’t forget the rest of our free Christmas printables! From Christmas colouring pages to Elf activity sheets, these printables are perfect for keeping little hands occupied during every day in December.

If you are counting down to Christmas just like we are, why not do it in style with our Advent Letters? Our brilliant range of unique Advent Letters are a magical way to count down the days until Santa Claus arrives.

You’ll receive 24 charming, numbered envelopes, each one designed to be read to your children on the days of December, right up until the Big Day. These envelopes are filled with enchanting tales from the North Pole, written by our favourite festive pal, Pip McJingles!

If you’re after something really special, why not opt for our Personalised Advent Letters? These custom letters can include your child’s name, their hometown and their very own Elf’s name, plus more individual details to make it truly tailor-made.

It’s not too late to order your Advent Letter Set from Elf for Christmas – for a limited time, we’re shipping First Class every single day!

December will never be the same again!

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