Sorry I’m late! The weather at the North Pole was terrible… and other excuses for your Christmas Elf to arrive after December 1!

As everyone knows, the North Pole are busy little fellows. They’ve got millions of toys to design, construct and wrap up, all in time for Santa’s big delivery on Christmas Eve. So it’s no wonder a few of the elves get a little delayed when they’re heading for their December homes!

If you haven’t managed to order your Elf for Christmas in time for December 1, fear not – you don’t need to miss out on the Christmas elf excitement that’s sweeping homes across the country!

There are any number of reasons why your Christmas elf might have been delayed…

Your Christmas elf got stuck in a snowstorm

The weather can be really terrible here at the North Pole at this time of year – it’s snow wonder your poor little Christmas elf has been held up! He’s been battling his way through a snowstorm to get to your home and spend a few weeks with your family before Christmas.

There was a last-minute candy cane emergency

Elves aren’t the only ones who like to get up to mischief at the North Pole – Santa’s naughty reindeer only went and raided the candy cane kitchen! Now all the Christmas elves who are on candy cane production need to stay back a few days to make a whole new batch ready for Christmas. Maybe your Elf for Christmas will turn up with a couple of sweet treats to apologise for being late…

The teddy bear noses were lost in the post

There’s nothing more frustrating than a parcel that goes missing mid-delivery. And that’s exactly what happened to this year’s North Pole delivery of teddy bear noses. A few of the kindest elves have stayed behind for a few days to wait for the new batch.

Your Christmas elf is helping the baby elves learn magic

With wisdom comes great responsibility. And your Christmas elf is so good at magic she’s had to stay at the North Pole for a little longer to teach the baby elves how it’s done in time for Christmas.

Elf got stuck in the sellotape!

We all know what a nightmare wrapping presents can be – the paper tears, the bows won’t stay on, you get all tangled up in ribbons… Even seasoned professionals like the elves can have problems with it sometimes. Unfortunately, your Christmas elf was a little careless with the sellotape and ended up in a right sticky mess! It’s taken him a few days to get himself unstuck.

Elf had a hot chocolate hangover


As everyone knows, elves have a very sweet tooth. Sometimes they’ve even been known to overdo it on the hot chocolate and then suffer from terrible sugar crash afterwards, leaving them unable to fly for a good couple of days. We all like to over-indulge at Christmas, but maybe your Christmas elf’s experience can act as a cautionary tale of the dangers of too much of the sweet stuff…


  • Dylan Mancini

    Where is my elf he has not came yet his name is Ricky thank you

  • Macey And Ella

    Hi macey and ella im running a little this year, im helping all the little elfs with there magic st north pole, hope to see you in few days love your little elf friend

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