Family Christmas Eve traditions we love

Family Christmas Eve traditions we love

I don’t know what it’s like in your house, but here at the magical North Pole we pretty much spend our whole year planning for Christmas. And if there is one thing we know, it’s that the perfect Christmas starts with Christmas Eve, try our favourite family Christmas Eve traditions and create memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s no surprise that we think about Christmas all year round. It’s  to be expected when we live alongside Santa and all his Christmas Elves. Even at the beginning of January, the Elves are busy designing and making new toys to give to the girls and boys of the world..

But as much as we love Christmas Day (and we love Christmas Day a LOT), there is something about our Christmas Eve traditions that is perhaps even more exciting and magical!

They not only help build the anticipation of Christmas Day, they are also the stuff that memories are made of, something familiar to which we look forward year after year. Read on to find out more and maybe get some Christmas Eve ideas of your own!

Read on to find out more and maybe get some Christmas Eve ideas of your own!

Snuggle up and say goodbye to your departing Elf while you enjoy a Christmas story

At the top of our list for favourite Christmas Eve traditions is discovering an early Christmas present our Elf toys leave when they say goodbye.

Every year our Christmas Elves, Tommy Tinseltoes and Susie Sparklebot, wait until the kids are sitting quietly reading a Christmas story book – then they put out some early presents. and leave their little departure letter (included in the  Elf for Christmas reward kit). Once the story is over, and with a jingle of bells, they disappear back to the North Pole.

The kids are always so excited to unwrap their present when they hear the jingle bells. Although they are sad that their Elf for Christmas has left, they know that their little friend will be back next year.

Then we all snuggle up together in our pjs to read some more stories or watch a film before bedtime. Bliss!

Leave the cooking and order a takeaway

If you’re cooking a big feast on Christmas Day, the last thing you want to do is spend Christmas Eve in the kitchen too!

We like to prepare all our veg for Christmas Day in advance, but once that’s all done, we hang up our aprons and order a takeaway. The kids love this Christmas Eve tradition because they feel like they’re the ones having the treat – but it’s just as good for us to be able to put our feet up and tuck in! It tastes even better when you’re already wearing your pyjamas…

If you are cooking on Christmas Eve, keep the children busy and out of your hair with our downloadable Christmas Elf colouring sheets.

Enjoy a good dose of Christmas joy

Few things can warm the cockles like singing along to a few carols at Christmas.

Whether it’s in church, in the street, or even watching on TV, partaking in a good blast of Joy to the World, Ding Dong Merrily or Deck the Halls is always good for the soul and is a lovely Christmas Eve tradition for the whole family.

Santa is coming! Santa Letters to look out for

Of course, Santa knows how to find every child on his Nice List, whether they’re at home or away for Christmas.

What could be more exciting than a letter from the big man himself on Christmas Eve? A personalised letter from Santa thanking your child for the letter they sent him will have them jumping up and down with excitement for Christmas Day.

See our three options for personalised Santa Letters for your child at Christmas.

Get ready to welcome Santa

Although you know that Santa will come no matter what, it’s always good to show him how much you appreciate him and the reindeer stopping by too – and what could be a better way to do that than to leave him a home-baked treat when you go to bed?

We love digging out a few recipes for kids and letting them get creative in the kitchen. There are some great ideas for super easy and super tasty treats in our Christmas recipes section. (I have it on very good authority that Santa is particularly fond of a Festive Elf Slice.)

Share your family’s Christmas traditions with us

Is there something special that your family does every year? We’d love to hear about it. Leave us a comment or tell us on Facebook , or tag us on Twitter, or Instagram.

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